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Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

Some incredibly bizarre things go viral on Twitter but this might just the strangest.

It’s not a meme, TikTok video, odd photo or controversial post, it’s a debate that you’ve probably never thought about in your life.

The weird question is stumping social media users who are divided over the answer.

Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

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Strange Twitter debate goes viral

This week, thousands of Twitter users are all debating the same strange thing. Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

It all started when a Twitter user called Ryan Nixon, who only has 1,000 followers on the platform, posted a chicken.

“My mates and I are having the STUPIDEST debate… And I am here for it. Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world? he wrote.

At the time of writing this, a staggering 223,000 people have answered the poll and ‘wheels’ is just winning with 53.6% of votes.

The answer is impossible to work out

The exact answer is completely impossible to work out as nobody has ever counted every single door and wheel in the world, and it depends on what you count as a door and a wheel.

Are we just counting doors on buildings? Or do cupboards, vehicles and dolls houses count too? What about advent calendars? Those have doors on them too, right?

The same goes for wheels. Is it only wheels on vehicles? Or are pushchairs, wheelbarrows and toy cars included? What about hamster wheels too? And wheels on suitcases? And wheels underneath fridges?

Come to think of it, a lot of things seem to have wheels so I’m definitely leaning towards that, but think there must be a lot of doors in the world too.

The debate is causing huge frustration as there is simply no possible way to find out the right answer, which is exactly why the question is so great.

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Debate divides Twitter

As the debate continues to divide Twitter, the winning answer appears to be ‘wheels’, but only by a small majority.

one person wrote: “Very solidly wheels. All cars have 4 wheels but 2-4 doors. An average home might have 6-10 doors but it also has 3 suitcases with 6-12 wheels. A collection of toy cars might have 400 wheels.”

“Hospitals have waaaaay more wheels than doors. WAY more. Every IV stand has 3-4 wheels. Every bed, gurney, operating table, EKG machine, cart to carry laundry or food trays, charting laptops, wheels wheels,” said another.

However, others are completely convinced that the answer must be doors, with one person writing:

“In my household there are 29 doors (including fridge, cupboards, washing machine, tumble dryer and car) Got 4 wheels on my car and the hamster has a wheel, can’t think of any more wheels I’m saying doors.”

“Doors. Pretty much everything with wheels has doors, except bikes. Anyone who owns something with wheels will live in a building whose doors outnumber their wheels. Eg I own 10 wheels (2 cars, 1 bike) but 28 doors,” said another.

A few people have also tweeted the same statement “all cars have doors, but not all buildings have wheels” which is swaying a lot of people towards the answer ‘doors’.

The worst part is – we’ll never know the real answer! Thanks Ryan, you’ve started a never-ending debate that will be dividing Twitter for the rest of time.

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