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Are you aware of irregularities from technology companies? Contact us and help us investigate


EL MUNDO, The Telegraph, Die Zeit, Information, McClatchy and Mediapart seek complaints from employees of the technology industry

Are you aware of irregularities from technology companies?  Contact us and help us investigate

If you work in the technology industry and has information that suggests that society is being harmed, exploited or misled by powerful corporations, we want to contact with you.

THE WORLD, together with The Telegraph (United Kingdom), The time (Germany), Information (Denmark), McClatchy (USA) and Mediapart (France), seek information from whistleblowers that come from the technology industry to investigate them.

This sector has improved and transformed our lives. Tech companies wield extraordinary influence, they keep some of our most personal secrets, sometimes working hand in hand with intelligence agencies or other private corporations, and generate increasing influence on the democratic process.

Do you have information about a technology company that is doing something wrong or mishandling the data? If you believe in good faith that the public is being harmed, exploited or misled, we want to contact you, regardless of whether the data in question is used to social media, marketing, healthcare, law enforcement, machine learning / AI or any other field.

In recent years, many concerns have arisen about how technology companies manipulate users, misuse your personal data or address children inappropriately. Corporations and governments have been accused of taking advantage of this data to manipulate electoral processes democratic, and tech companies have been criticized for help authoritarian regimes to repress dissent.

Specific evidence of irregularities emerges from a good lead, not rumors or speculation.

How could the complainants respond to this request for information?

If you want your story to potentially reach a global audience of more than 150 million people in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Danish), please contact us in the following ways.

Note that each shape offers a different level of privacy and anonymity, and no method of communication is 100% secure.

Here you can see an additional tip, from the Freedom of the Press Foundation, on how to share confidential information:

Signal Messenger

You can communicate with our journalists through the encrypted Signal application by writing to the number +45 30 96 12 66. Journalists from partner media are monitoring this Signal account.

Signal is an encrypted application for instant messaging and phone calls. Signal stores your number, but does not store a record of who you contact or who contacts you. It can also be configured to automatically delete messages that do not exist on your phone, the recipient’s phone, or in the cloud. You can download Signal for Android The iPhone. Before communicating with us through Signal, consider the possibility of using a telephone number that your company cannot connect with you. Please understand that Signal is not designed to provide complete anonymity.

Using Signal is pretty easy. Here’s how: open the app and tap the pencil-shaped icon (top right on iPhone, bottom right on Android) to write a new message. Enter our phone number in the search box, +45 30 96 12 66. From there, you can send us an encrypted Signal message. Only written messages and documents should be sent through Signal. Telephone calls will not be answered. Classic text messages will not be monitored either.

Send us an email

Regular snail mail can also be a secure way to communicate, especially if you place the mail in a mailbox instead of going to a post office.

Note that in the US the service USPS (United States Postal Service) monitors everything sent through its postal system. This includes the location from which you ship your package and may include a sample of your handwriting. If they register your package before it reaches us, They will be able to see what you are sending, which could include your fingerprints, as well as tracking information embedded in the documents, such as printer tracking points. Leave it in a public mailbox (do not send it from your home, work or a post office) no return address.

Pablo Herraiz

Avenida de San Luis, 25

28033 Madrid


z. Hd Karsten Polke-Majewski

Buceriusstrasse entrance

Spear Sort 1

20095 Hamburg


Sebastián Gjerding

Tienda Kongensgade 40C

1264 Copenhagen


Casey Frank

11410 NW 20th street

Suite 222

Miami, FL 33172


Yann Filipino

127, avenida Ledru Rollin

75012 Paris


Claire Newell

111 Buckingham Palace Road

London, SW1W 0DT

United Kingdom

The Signals Network

The Telegraph, With The time, THE WORLD, Information, McClatchy Y Mediapart are associated with The Signals Network, a US non-profit organization dedicated to supporting collaborations with the media to maximize the social impact of published research. It also supports selected whistleblowers. You can get more information about The Signals Network here.

The main media and journalists involved in this call for information are:

The time (Alemania): Holger Stark, Karsten Polke-Majewski, Sascha Venohr, Luisa Hommerich

The World (Spain): Pablo Herraiz

Information (Dinamarca):Sebastian Gjerding

McClatchy/Miami Herald (EEUU): Casey Frank, Ben again

Mediapart (Francia): Yann Filipino, Fabrice Arfi

The Daily Telegraph (Reino Unido): Claire Newell, Sophie Barnes, Katherine Rushton

Freelance journalist:

Sylke Gruhnwald (Swiss)

According to the criteria of

The Trust Project

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