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Argentina celebrates the 70th birthday of Charly García, the Argentine rock legend

Argentina celebrates the 70th birthday of its rock legend, Charly García. Quite a tribute in life. The legendary man with the two-tone mustache and perfect pitch came to the appointment with a white suit, hat and the band that has marked the message of his life: Do not say more. He sang his main hits with his broken voice and the rest of the singers who collaborated like Fito Páez continued with the other songs. The assistants for their part sang happy birthday to him.

“He turns 70, but he fulfills in everyone’s life the whole life”, points out one of the attendees to the outdoor broadcast of the concert

“It is part of my life, of my history, of my roots therefore”, another follower of Charly points out.

The artist played live both in small bars and in theaters and stadiums. During the dictatorship and during democracy.

“He became a voice in dark times, in a light as he himself has sung so many times and I believe that we are obliged to give him a very big thank you in this tribute, in this change of decade”, points out another follower of García.

Charly received congratulations from dozens of international artists, including Joan Manuel Serrat and Carlos Vives. García ended with his “Song for my death” before some followers who know well how this author knew how to put poetry to everything: both joy, pain and sadness.

The soundtrack of life

The celebration of the 70th birthday of this soulful rocker, as rebellious and provocative as he is lucid, had its reply in the networks that were filled with memories of fans evoking moments of their lives related to Charly García.

This man once even defied gravity by diving into a pool from the ninth floor of a hotel in Mendoza (west). It was the year 2000, a time of drugs and excesses of the musician. In a bar in the early morning after giving a concert, there was a fight with a woman who threw a glass in his face and then denounced him. The policeman who went to look for him at the hotel to arrest him told him that they were all equal before the law. “The same? Do this,” he replied and threw himself, as he recalled years later.

“Her songs are part of our lives and accompanied with their great sensitivity the last 50 years of Argentine history. Thank you Charly! Happy 70 years,” tweeted Vice President Cristina Kirchner, who accompanied with a video of her very young singing “Scratch the stones “, one of the artist’s classics.

The celebrations were joined by dozens of international artists with their recorded greetings, including the Brazilian Caetano Veloso, the Cubans Silvio Rodríguez and Omara Portuondo, the Spanish Joan Manuel Serrat, the Uruguayans Jorge Drexler and Hugo Fattoruso, the Colombian Carlos Vives, the Brazilian Herbert Vianna and the Panamanian Rubén Blades.

The video with the greetings, screened at the CCK, was produced by the Argentine Foreign Ministry.

“Happy 70, dear @charlygarcia! I celebrate your life, your music and your friendship!”, Uruguayan Rubén Rada tweeted.

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