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Argentine Senator Esteban Bullrich and his fight against ELA



On his farewell to the Senate, Esteban Bullrich He used a chair suitable for his condition and an application, with his voice tone, which reproduced the last speech he was going to deliver in the Lower House. The IS IT OVER THERE (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), at the rate of vertigo that is customary, prevented him from expressing himself and moving with the ease that has characterized him during these 52 years of life. The politician, a quiet man, long like Gary Cooper and very religious, concluded that he could not occupy his seat another day because he needed others to carry out his work. Aware of the degenerative process of the disease, the former Minister of Education of former President Mauricio Macri announced: “God has other plans for me.”

The intervention of the until

A few days ago the senator caused tears in the different blocks. Authentic Peronists and those who are not so but take advantage of their history and symbols, were moved along with radicals, liberals, party colleagues and the rest of the adversaries. “With all the world’s pain and frustration if I have no alternative, I want to announce my resignation, “he said. Bullrich listened to himself and also cried. His wife, María Eugenia Sequeiros, sitting next to him, held his hand. She, “a saint” in her husband’s words, was attentive to dry his tears and his face. The five children of the marriage attended in a box the most moving scene that legislative memory remembers. The speech of this politician, careful with the forms and outstretched hand, was also brilliant. He asked to seek consensus, insist on dialogue and build bridges to end “poverty”, “lack of development”, the drama of “young people leaving the country” and the “educational catastrophe”, and recover the dignity of politics as an activity aimed at satisfying the common good. In short, he asked to open his eyes and listen to a jaded society. “We have all,” he assumed, “been guilty of ruling with earplugs.”

Moral argument

The Argentine Senate, unlike the Chamber of Deputies, is usually a space where the institution is respected and the rhetoric is more suited to the end than to a show to satisfy the militancy and show off demagoguery. But its members, deep down, are no different. That explains Bullrich’s plea when asking to change the philosophy of negotiation and “not think about what I’m going to take when I get up from the table, but rather what am I going to leave on the table to reach the agreement. “This Argentina that we have is the result of our inability to find common solutions to our problems,” he reflected. He also had time for analysis, memories, and faith in the disease. “Good ideas don’t have owners, they have beneficiaries,” he said. “Thank God for this cross, which has allowed me to receive signs of affection and has taught me that life is today and tomorrow is hope.”

The politician asked to seek consensus, insist on dialogue and build bridges to end “poverty”, “lack of development”, the drama of “young people leaving the country” and the “educational catastrophe”

The ALS caught Bullrich, but he doesn’t give up. «I abandon the honors, but not the fight for a better country», He guaranteed. It will do so from its foundation to combat the disease and where fate allows it. His words, his dedication and his last gesture of generosity will remain in his memory and in that of all the senators: «Despite the differences and the fights, the latent desire to create a prosperous, sustainable Argentina vibrates in each of you. vigorous and inclusive ”. Unanimous applause, everyone on their feet and an attempt to reject his resignation. “There are no essential men, there are essential attitudes,” the senator declined.

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