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Argentinian files lawsuit against China after catching COVID

The young man not only had physical but emotional disorders.

Photo: Quique García / EFE

More than a year and a half have passed since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic And although we know that the first cases originated in Wuhan, China, the truth is that despite the fact that several investigations have already been carried out, it is not yet entirely clear how the virus originated.

Unfortunately, like any pandemic, COVID-19 has left thousands of human losses, health consequences for hundreds of people who were infected with the virus, unemployment, economic crisis and many emotional disorders.

Tired of this situation, An Argentine named Matías Bergalli decided to sue China (the country) after being infected with coronavirus.

According to the lawyers of this man who worked as a waiter in his country, Bergalli seeks that China pay him about $ 200,000 dollars in compensation for the physical and economic consequences left by COVID-19, by ensuring that the Asian nation could have prevented the pandemic from being created.

In an interview for Infobae, the Argentine narrated that he contracted coronavirus in March of this year and that it was most likely infected by one of his nephews, who attended school.

Although at first he had no strong symptoms, finally a couple of days later He had to be hospitalized and remained hospitalized for 16 days, during which he suffered various physical and emotional havoc.

And if that was not enough, the hotel where he worked closed its doors and they did not give him the compensation he was due. Bergalli began to accumulate debt from a car (with whom he also worked as an Uber driver) and others because he was more than a month without work, although he received help from a pastor who supported him with medicine and food for him and his family.

“COVID changed my life completely and someone has to take charge because the pandemic was preventable,” he said.

A few weeks ago, Matías met Patricio Poplavsky, founder and CEO of the firm Poplavsky International Law Offices, a law firm that today it represents thousands of people affected by COVID-19 in the world, and it was he who convinced him to file his lawsuit against China.

In an interview for the same medium, Poplavsky explained that lThe complaint is addressed to President Xi Junping, his government cabinet, and also to the World Health Organization (WHO), in this case to Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The lawsuits are for material damages (loss of job, medical expenses, etc.) and moral damages from being isolated and away from loved ones.

Attorneys at Poplavsky International Law Offices indicate that relatives of deceased coronavirus victims, whom they represent, could be charged up to $ 1 million if they win the case.

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