Thursday, January 27

Arman controversy over who put better Christmas decorations in the White House: Jill Biden or Melania Trump?

Former First Lady Melania Trump and First Lady Jill Biden.

SAUL LOEB / Getty Images

The First Lady Jill Biden revealed the Christmas decorations of the White House whose design and installation he coordinated, but on social networks thousands of users made a comparison between the result of that effort with what the former first lady Melania Trump had done, which at some point was even described as “excessive” and with “gloomy” results.

“Inspired by acts of kindness and the experiences that lifted our spirits this year, the decorated rooms of the White House reflect the Gifts of the Heart that unite us all: faith, family, friendship, the arts. , learning, nature, gratitude, service, community and peace and unity, “wrote the First Lady on her official Twitter account.

In 2020, former First Lady Melania Trump posted her latest Christmas collaboration.

“During this special time of year, I am pleased to share ‘America the Beautiful’ and pay tribute to the majesty of our great Nation. Together we celebrate this land that we are all proud to call home, ”he wrote then.

“This is the same hallway,” wrote one user comparing the dark passage from one of the years (right) that former President Donald Trump’s wife coordinated the decorations. On the left side you can see discreet ornaments in shades of yellow and blue that are part of the decoration of President Biden’s wife.

The boxes of ruffles that adorn one of the entrances to the White House have been seriously criticized, although the comparisons are not with the same space in the time of Melania Trump, who some say showed “class” in her designs.

There were those who considered that the designs supported by Jill Biden moved away from Melania Trump’s “hall of horrors”, sharing photos of the controversial hallway with red pines.

Other users even pointed out that a five-year-old was able to make better Christmas designs than those recently revealed.


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