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Armie Hammer Enters Rehab to Treat Addictions Following Allegations of Cannibalism and Harassment | People

The history of cannibalism and addictions of actor Armie Hammer, known for his role in the cult film Call me by your name, went around the world just six months ago. At 34 years old, married with two children, his story jumped to the media when several messages from him sent to some women were leaked where he spoke of sadomasochistic and extreme sexual practices. The episode made him take a step back in the film projects in which he was immersed, so he decided to take refuge outside the United States so as not to be persecuted by the media.

Now, Hammer has gone one step further and has decided to enter a rehab clinic to treat his addictions, in this case to sex, alcohol and drugs. This is the exclusive account of the US edition of the magazine Vanity Fair, who has spoken with various sources around the actor, including good friends of his, who have confirmed it.

According to the publication, Hammer was in the Cayman Islands (located in the Caribbean, south of Cuba) since mid-March, but at the end of May he decided to fly alone to a clinic located in Orlando, Florida (in the south of the United States). UU). Eyewitnesses saw him arrive at the airport on the main island with his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and their two children, and then board the plane. Apparently, according to two close sources, he entered the clinic on May 31 and has already been undergoing treatment for more than a week.

Indeed, Chambers would have been one of Hammer’s main supporters in this recovery process. The couple married in 2010 and had separated in the summer of 2020, but according to sources close to both, the actor had contacted her at the end of May asking for help and explaining that for him it was time to seek professional help. In fact, it was he himself who proposed to go to that treatment center in Florida and stay there for as long as necessary for his recovery. A close friend of Hammer has explained in the magazine that “this is a clear sign that he is regaining control of his life, and he knows that it is a step forward towards his well-being.”

Various sources close to the actor have explained in that same publication that Hammer has been mired in an important addiction to drugs for years, to which he has a high tolerance, among other things due to his corpulence (he measures almost two meters). “You can drink a bottle of vodka without realizing it,” explained someone who knows him well. “You can have five hamburgers and it doesn’t get bad. He drinks a lot, smokes marijuana … there is no drug that he does not consume, ”said the same source. Another, an ex-girlfriend from last summer, explained that she even took drugs to play a game of golf, and that later “she had eight beers and four martinis.” A filming partner in The Lone Ranger (2013) reported that he had “a mountain of joints in his caravan, he asked an assistant to bring him hallucinogenic mushrooms, and he mixed alcohol with pain medication,” he says in the magazine.

“He is a drug addict because he has undergone a lot of trauma and cannot bear to be still, face himself or be alone with his things,” reflected one of his ex-girlfriends, who assures that “everything he does has already been said in loudly in tweets or interviews ”, referring to his addictions, his taste for guns or rough sex. “It’s been about to explode for a long time, but everyone was laughing at it.” In fact, in 2017 Hammer was in the spotlight when it awarded a I like some publications on sexual practices of bondage and domination. In addition, in 2013 he counted Playboy how their sexual habits had changed after marrying Chambers: “I liked to grab by the neck and hair and all that. […] But then you get married and your sexual appetites change. And I say it for the better, it is not that I suffer, in any way ”. Months later, he regretted these statements before another medium and blamed alcohol for having said them.

It was at the beginning of January 2021 when several women leaked intimate and very explicit messages that the actor had sent them, always according to them. “I am 100% cannibal. I want to eat you. Fuck, it’s scary to admit. I’ve never admitted it before. I have cut the heart of a living animal before and I have eaten it while it was still warm ”, it supposedly said in one of them. “It makes me horny to think about holding your heart with your hand and controlling it when it beats,” read another. Screenshots were leaked where he asked a girl to meet because he needed to drink her blood and she accepted. “Will you give it to me tomorrow? Do not forget that you are mine ”, he answered.

Those messages caused Hammer to abandon a project he was recording with Jennifer Lopez in the Dominican Republic. “I am not responding to these lies, but in light of the vicious and spurious attacks on the Internet against me, my conscience does not allow me to leave my children for four months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic,” he said then in the which has been his only statement in this regard and where he explained that his production company, Lionsgate, supported him. Just two weeks later, he also quit his job on the series he was filming that dealt with the genesis of the film. The Godfather, from 1972, where he played producer Al Ruddy.

Hammer had been married for 10 years to fellow actress Elizabeth Chambers, with whom he has a boy and a girl, Ford and Harper. The actress broke her silence in February, when on her Instagram profile she claimed to be “in shock, heartbroken and shattered ”. “I support any victim of attacks and abuse and I encourage anyone who has experienced this pain to seek the help they need to heal,” he explained, assuring that he was not going to comment further on the matter and that his “only focuses and points of attention ”were his children and his own healing. Since then he has not spoken again.

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