Thursday, May 26

Arrested an alleged ‘sexual predator’ in Algeciras accused of extorting children under 14 years of age

National Police patrol car.

National Police patrol car.

National Police officers specialized in technological crimes belonging to the UDEV of Jerez de la Frontera have located and detained in the city of Algeciras (Cádiz) an alleged ‘sexual predator ‘, age 25, whose main objective was to contact young girls under 14 years of age, with the aim of tricking them into carrying out audiovisual content and actions of a sexual nature with which he immediately blackmailed and extorted them.

As explained by the National Police in a note, the detainee, who misrepresented his identity and real age Through false profiles in different social networks widely used by adolescents, he sought to make friends with very young girls, to immediately gain their trust and, with deception and false promises, induce them to send him their own material with high sexual content.

Thus, once he had a first intimate photo or video, increased the pressure and blackmail to the minors to force them to make content, increasingly more sexually charged, under the threat of publishing the material that they already had among their families, friends and loved ones.

The investigators of the National Police in Jerez began the investigations after the attempt of one of the victims, a young woman of only 14 years of age, to jump into the void due to the pressure of the now detained. The incident was happily resolved thanks to the intervention of the mother of the affected and several agents of the National Police radio patrol units who went to the scene of the events.

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Once the young woman was insured and valued by the medical services of 061, she opened up with her family and the agents about the reasons that had led her to such a situation, recounting how she suffered pressure from an individual she had met. through the Internet.

Immediately a police investigation was initiated to determine the reality of the situation, revealing the actual existence of the extortionist and that in addition, he would be carrying out the same acts against three other young residents in Jerez, in the same way all of them with 14 years of age.

In addition, the agents collected evidence that the same individual was also pressuring those affected to agree to have personal encounters with him, always with the aim of carrying out real sex with minors.

The investigation located the alleged perpetrator of the events residing in the city of Algeciras, where he also already had previous antecedents for the commission of crimes of sexual abuse, town to which the Jerez officers traveled who, with the collaboration of agents from the Algeciras National Police Station, located and detained the individual as allegedly responsible for the crimes of abuse and sexual assault on minors under 16 years of age.

Once made available to the holder of the JCourt of Instruction number 2 of Jerez, which centralized the investigations, his entry into prison.

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