Wednesday, March 29

Arrested for abandoning his 15-year-old son with a severe disability


The minor had not eaten or gone to school for several days and is now admitted to a specialized protection center under the guardianship of the Junta de Andalucía

I was home alone. When the police managed to open the door for them, they found a 15-year-old boy seriously affected by cerebral palsy. He just wanted to eat. It had been a long time since anyone fed him.

Thus ended the situation of abandonment in which, apparently, the adolescent found himself, who suffers from a disability of 54% and is highly dependent. Agents of the Autonomous Police have arrested the father of the minor, who has already entered a specialized center under the tutelage of the Junta de Andalucía.

The police investigation began on March 23, when the Child Protection Service informed the Minor Protection Area (Aprome) of the Autonomous Police that the adolescent could be living in conditions that would pose “a serious risk to his physical integrity and health.

The voice of alarm was given by the social services of the Malaga City Council, in charge of monitoring the minor. The technicians detected that she had not been to the institute for a long time and that she was only in charge of her father, who apparently frequented the family home “little”, according to the sources consulted.

APROME agents do not speak of arrests or police operations, but of “rescue.” To that end, they went to the house where the teenager was, who had a “dirty and noticeably neglected” appearance.

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Through gestures, as best he could, the minor told them that he was hungry – he gave the police the impression that he had not eaten for days – and that he smelled bad. The researchers requested the collaboration of social services to attend to his urgent needs: to feed and clean him.

After that, he was transferred to a protection center specialized in this type of disability attached to the Malagueña Association of Parents of Cerebral Palsy of Malaga (Amappace), where he has finally been admitted. “Since he entered there, the smile has not disappeared from his mouth,” says one of the researchers.

The police investigation continued to clarify why he was in this unprotected situation. As reported by the Board, the father, who has numerous police records, had problems with drinking and other addictions.

“He was habitually absent from the family home,” details the regional government in a statement, “although,” he continues, “when he was there, he completely disregarded the slightest care for his son and his special needs.”

Such was the seriousness of the situation of lack of protection and abandonment generated that the father was arrested for abandonment. At the same time, he was notified of the resolution of abandonment and the loss of guardianship of his son, which has provisionally fallen to the Board due to the lack of a direct relative who could properly take care of him.

The minor’s mother died years ago and he was left in the care of a grandmother. When she also died, a little less than five years ago, the teenager was left alone with his father. Apparently, there was a time, at the beginning, when he took proper care of him, clarify sources of the investigation, although in recent times it would not have been like that.

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