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Arrested for fraud Alejandro del Valle, president of the Interjet Board of Directors

Alejandro del Valle is arrested in Mexico City, in a moment of a video.
Alejandro del Valle is arrested in Mexico City, in a moment of a video.R.R.S.S

The businessman Alejandro del Valle, president of the Interjet airline, mired in a severe crisis on the brink of bankruptcy, was arrested this Thursday morning. At 9.45am, agents of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office appeared at the exclusive Club de Industriales, in the Polanco neighborhood, to proceed with the arrest “for their probable participation in the crime of fraud,” according to a brief statement from the Prosecutor’s Office. The arrest of del Valle adds to the international search and capture order against his partner, Miguel Alemán Magnani, founder and vice president of the airline, accused of having used the company to divert more than 66 million pesos (more than 3 million pesos). Dollars).

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The Justice of the Mexican capital has undertaken in recent months a chain operation that narrows the closest circle of Interjet executives and its ramifications with other businesses. A judge two weeks ago ordered the arrest of businessman Carlos Cabal Peniche and his wife, Teresa Pasini Bertán, also for fraud. The banker Cabal Peniche is Alemán’s partner in last year’s purchase of 50% of Radiópolis. The judge charged the banker with a crime of fraud against the Crédito Real company, which provided the credit for the purchase offensive through a parallel company in the name of his wife.

Grupo PRISA, which owns 50% of Radiópolis shares, denounced in August last year that the offensive sought to take by force editorial control of the company, which operates 17 radio stations in the country. The litigation is still ongoing. The alleged fraud that Cabal Peniche is accused of is around more than 600 million Mexican pesos ($ 30 million). Mexican media point out that the arrest of del Valle this Thursday is related to the operation. Citing sources from the prosecution, the newspaper Reform points out that the president of Interjet acted as guarantor in the loan that Crédito Real granted to Cabal’s wife’s company for the purchase of Radiopolis.

Del Valle’s arrest deepens the Interjet crisis, which originated in its particular business model, precipitated in the last two years with the purchase of defective and difficult-to-repair planes and hit bottom with the covid-19 pandemic. The difficulties began in 2019, when, after 12 months of financial losses, hundreds of his employees left en masse and allegations of abusive labor practices emerged. However, in the end it was the problems with the Treasury that have brought it to the brink of bankruptcy.

Founded in 2005 as a mix between the low-cost modality with cheap tickets and the conventional one, with full service to passengers, the airline became the third largest player in the sector. However, after years of financial losses, the company stopped flying in December last year and a month later, the more than 5,000 employees went on strike after weeks without receiving their wages. The company’s debts today are around 1,250 million dollars.

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