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Arrested for raping a homeless woman while she slept in a sack in Zaragoza

Place, behind the Troubadour building, where they sleep homeless and the attack took place

Place, behind the Troubadour building, where they sleep homeless and the attack took place
Jaime Galindo

To the vulnerability of living in the indigence many women have to add physical violence and sexual assault. In fact, according to the Hatento Observatory, 60% of hate crimes due to aporophobia are against women and, of those, 19% are sexual assaults. The last case of this type reported took place last weekend in Zaragoza, where a 42-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a man while she was sleeping inside a sack. The alleged perpetrator, I. S, 53, of Romanian origin, was arrested.

The aggression reported by another homeless person who was in the vicinity took place around 11:35 p.m. last Saturday in the back of the office building known as the Troubadour, very close to the Municipal Shelter of Zaragoza, where the victim goes every morning for breakfast. According to the police report, a man called the 091 room stating that another had wanted to have sexual relations with a woman, who had refused on several occasions, although she had also carried out her intentions. The agents of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade at the Actur police station emphasize that IS had lying next to the woman, who had had a cocktail of Valium, Rivotril and Lyrica, so she was fast asleep. At that moment, he would have begun to touch her private parts, he lowered her pants and proceeded to the sexual assault.

When the agents of the Citizen Security Brigade of the Higher Police Headquarters of Aragon went there, they found the suspect and the victim in a state of unconsciousness that led the patrol to call an ambulance from 061 that took her to the hospital Materno-Infantil del Miguel Servet in the Aragonese capital, which is the reference center for victims of sexist violence.

Witness of the facts

One of the witnesses to the events told the police that around 8:00 p.m. the victim arrived with the suspect, who sat on a staircase drinking beers and brandy. “At around 10 pm she got up, took some pills to sleep and went to bed, putting himself next to her,” he said, while describing that he told him to get out of there and he replied that “it was not going to happen. nothing, she was like her sister. ”

He put his hand on her belly and she told him to leave him alone, moving to another place to sleep, but he went behind her and when she fell asleep he began to fondle her and everything else happened.“, he affirmed to the agents.

The suspect, IS, is currently in provisional release, after declaring assisted by his lawyer Marina Ons. The man explained to the judge on duty that he did not have sexual relations with the victim and explained that he had known her for 16 years, but that he currently has a partner, a job and a house to live in. He did point out that he distanced himself from the woman when he got hooked on drugs. She explained that she did not remember anything.

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