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Arrested in Alcoy for a scam related to the sale of masks

Arrested in Alcoy for a scam related to the sale of masks

Arrested in Alcoy for a scam related to the sale of masks

Agents of the National Police have detained in the town of Alcoy a a couple, man and woman, for his alleged participation in three crimes of fraud committed in the towns of Alcoy and Ibi in the province of Alicante.

The authors conducted a analysis of their potential victims, owners of small shops for sale of different items, among which were the masks. Taking advantage of the current economic situation, the alleged criminals presented the chosen merchants with a very simple sale operation and with a significant profit margin.

The male, posing as a representative of a textile company, He appeared in establishments and offered merchants his alleged services as a supplier of personalized masks. He presented masks with attractive designs at competitive prices, leaving his contact information so that they could place any order in the future in the event of getting important clients.

After a few days, the woman, posing as a representative of a University, he appeared in the same establishments requesting an order for personalized masks, with the corporate image of his University. In this way, the merchant thought that he had found a supplier and buyer of the products and, because the profit margin was important, it was a sale operation that he could not miss.

The merchant entrusted the alleged supplier with a first order of masks with the university logo. At the time of delivering the masks to the store, the alleged supplier required immediate payment of the masks to the merchant, who did so without any suspicion, as the final buyer was waiting to receive the masks.

However, the final buyer from that moment no longer showed signs of life, and could not be located by the merchant and, thus, was forced to contact the supplier again to negotiate the return of the order. The supplier, with a conciliatory attitude, expressed his intention to collect the masks and return the money in full to the merchant, by going to the establishment and collecting the goods, but never made the transfer of money back.

So far, three victims have been located, three merchants in the area from whom the alleged criminal couple would have cheated about 4,000 euros.

Once the perpetrators of the events had been identified by the agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of the Alcoy Police Station of the National Police, the investigators learned that they were a couple made up of a man and a woman, both Spanish, aged 27 and 28 years old, who were finally located and arrested.

The couple were charged with three alleged crimes of fraud and were made available to the Court of Instruction of the Guard of the town of Alcoy. The investigation remains open and investigators are trying to locate other possible victims.

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