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Arrested in Malaga a pederast accused of abusing 26 children

Moment of arrest. / Civil Guard

The victims are between 8 and 12 years old, they reside in different parts of Spain and the man contacted them through video games

He is a sexual predator. A pederast who moved on video game platforms to search for his prey. He won their friendship and then offered them virtual gifts in exchange for video calls in which he asked them to show their private parts. This is how the Civil Guard investigators consider that a man who has been arrested in Malaga accused of sexually abusing 26 children, aged between eight and 12 years, acted.

This is the ‘Operation Fontane’, which began last July after the Benemérita agents received the complaint from the parents of a minor under nine years of age. In it they reported the suspicions they had that their son was maintaining contact with an adult with the video game console through a well-known online game.

It was the members of the Department against Cybercrime of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) who took charge of the investigations. The civil guards discovered that the parents’ suspicions were true and gave the case absolute priority, since that child could be just the tip of the iceberg.

The agents suspected that there could be many more victims, as is usual in this type of crime and, even more so, in the case of such young minors. They were not wrong. The investigations have determined that the detainee, a 46-year-old man, was able to commit sexual abuse with 26 minors residing in different parts of the national territory, not ruling out the detection of more affected children.

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modus operandi

Throughout the investigation, the civil guards found out that the pederast always acted in the same way. As reported by the Armed Institute, he contacted minors through well-known online games, having recorded more than 3,000 accesses by him to these platforms in a period of two years.

During that time, the arrested person forged a friendship with his potential victims, always through deception and abuse of superiority, paying them virtual gifts available on gaming platforms. But the candy was poisoned. Since he always asked them in return to make video calls with him, with the aim that the children would show him their private parts and perform other types of similar actions.

Once they agreed to pose nude for the camera, the detainee captured the screen of his mobile device. In this way, the arrested person was storing images of a sexual nature of minors.

After his arrest, the civil guards proceeded to search his home in Malaga. A large amount of computer material was seized and analyzed, which has made it possible to determine that the man accumulated, both on his mobile devices and in the cloud, more than 2,000 files of child pornography. In addition, it was found that he made a total of 81 payments to game user accounts belonging to minors.

After discovering the documents, the agents work to locate the victims. In this regard, from the Civil Guard they have indicated that the parents of the minors identified so far were the first surprised to find out what was happening with their children. In fact, several of them even stated that children did not play video games without adult supervision.

frequented nude beaches

The pederast not only moved on video game platforms. From the Meritorious they have indicated that the detainee also offered himself as a sports monitor, camp and English teacher among other activities related to minors, there being no record of any hiring in that regard. However, the agents have been able to verify the existence of a case of physical sexual abuse of a minor, whom he met and cheated on on a nudist beach, places frequented by the arrested person quite regularly, in view of the material that has been intervened.


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