Thursday, October 28

Arrested in Pontevedra for hiring hitmen to kill his ex-partner

The hiring of the hit men turned out to be a scam.

The hiring of the hit men turned out to be a scam.

The Civil Guard of Pontevedra has arrested a neighbor of the Galician capital who, allegedly, would have hired several hitmen to kill his ex-partner, with whom he had had a romantic relationship about four years ago. The detainee, brought to justice in the Court of 1st Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Caldas, would have paid 15,000 euros in bitcoins for the hired killers to end the life of his ex-wife by simulating an accident. This circumstance is decisive so that the investigated facts can also be framed within the criminal sphere of gender violence.

The investigations carried out by the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police (UOPJ), in collaboration with the Telematic Crimes Group of the Technical Unit of the Judicial Police (UTPJ Madrid), began in November when a United Kingdom media outlet, which carried out a investigative report in Spain on scams On the deep web, he alerted the Benemérita about the intentions of the now detainee.

It was found that using an anonymous nickname, the now detainee advanced 15,000 euros in bitcoins to a group of alleged hitmen. In addition to the payment, he would have provided them with the personal data of a woman, address, place of work, car license plate, daily routines as well as a photograph. The goal was for them to end their lives by simulating an accident. What these men did not know is that this group of alleged hitmen, mainly carry out scams, since at no time did they think to conclude with the commission carried out, but only to charge for it.

Deep Internet Scams

The Civil Guard warns that this type of scams is common in the so-called Deep Web. Most of the Deep Internet sites are associated with illegal activities: arms trafficking, organ sales, hitmen, human trafficking … Under cover of anonymity, as is the case, you can find hitmen who offer to kill for a hefty price.

One of the aspects that all those interested in this type of service face is the same: how to avoid frequent scams and ensure that the crime has been completed. The currency generally used in this type of contract is cryptocurrency, being a decentralized electronic currency that can be transferred electronically between smart devices, in theory without leaving a trace, although as has been shown in numerous cases the holder of the payment made is identified.

La Benemérita warns that “we must bear in mind that we do not know who is behind it, after all we would be dealing with criminals. It could be a scammer who offers us a false service as is the case at hand, and of course, we are not going to be able to claim absolutely nothing. ”

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