Thursday, July 7

Arrested in Zaragoza for harassing a mother and her daughter with their genitals outside their pants

Zaragoza Local Police.

Zaragoza Local Police.

With his genitals outside his pants and at the door of the Zaragoza home of a mother and her daughter with whom he has a restraining order in force. Thus he found the Local Police of Zaragoza to a 21-year-old that he was detained and brought to justice for these events.

It all happened at 11:30 a.m. in the middle of Avenida América, in the Torrero neighborhood, when the victim called the 092 room, upset because the young Bulgarian who is obsessed with her was at the door of her house. Huntil there a police patrol moved immediately who was in the vicinity carrying out surveillance work on public roads.

Upon arrival, the agents saw the boy. It was easy for them because he had the physical description of VAI, from whom they asked for the documentation, although he did not have it with him. Despite this, the young man told them his name, his date of birth and his origin. Information that was entered in the registry, verifying that, as the woman who called them alarmed said, there was a restraining order in force agreed by the magistrate of the Court of Instruction number 8 of Zaragoza. He was immediately arrested for violating precautionary measures. He showed no resistance.

The victim, for his part, pointed out to the Zaragoza Police officers who told them that It was not a question of sexist violence, but that this boy was obsessed with them and that the matter is prosecuted. In fact, she even told him to go away, while she snapped at him: “You don’t learn.”

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He also pointed out that the prohibition of approaching that marked The judge investigating her case establishes a distance of 100 meters with respect to both her and her daughter and the address where they reside.

During the arrest, according to several passers-by who had observed the scene, the 21-year-old had his genitals outside his pants. In fact, he exhibited his virile member to the women who passed him.

First of all, the agents agreed to transfer him to the provincial hospital Nuestra Señora de Gracia de Zaragoza so that the health workers made a diagnosis, although inside the hospital he refused to be seen by the doctors and, therefore, he was discharged directly.

In parallel, the woman’s husband and the girl’s father went to the police station of the Actur del National Police Corps where he pointed out, as an extension of the complaint, that he was fed up with this situation because VAI is “repeatedly” failing to comply with the judicial measure, which You are creating a “very difficult” family situation.

The proceedings and the detainee were made available to the Guard Court of the Aragonese capital, where the suspect availed himself of his right not to testify. The magistrate agreed to his provisional release without agreeing to any other precautionary measure.

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