Friday, November 26

Arrested three alleged perpetrators of robberies with force in Benidorm, Dénia and Benissa

The Civil Guard of Alicante and the Local Police of Benissa and Teulada have intensified the surveillance aimed at the prevention of crimes related to property. The result of this coordinated action has been the arrest of three people for the commission of various crimes against property, one of them committed in Teulada.

In order to face possible crimes against property, such as robberies with force inside homes, especially in residential developments in the towns of Benissa and Teulada, the company of the Civil Guard of Calpe established at the beginning of the past month of October various surveillance devices, coordinated with the Local Police of Benissa and Teulada. The close collaboration for the execution of the different operations between the agents of the respective Security Forces and Corps has made it possible to promote better results.

As a result of the implementation of this preventive plan, a decrease in the commission of crimes against the heritage registered in the area. The information collected has also allowed the opening of numerous lines of investigation for the prevention of new events, as well as to make possible the clarification of thefts that had already been committed.

The result of this coordinated action has been the arrest of three men. A 68-year-old German national, whom he had two legal claims from Benidorm and Dénia, for different crimes of robbery with force. He had numerous records for crimes of this type. The Court has decreed his entry into prison.

Another 22-year-old of Moroccan nationality, who had a claim from a Madrid court, also for crimes of robbery with force.

Finally, the third, a 36-year-old man of Romanian nationality, who was arrested by the agents as alleged perpetrator of a crime of theft committed in a house in Teulada on October 4, in which he acceded to the home by deception of the residents under the pretext of collecting used useless materials, taking advantage of the occasion to steal them carelessly. In addition, he has a history of events of various kinds.

All three have been made available to the Dénia Examining Court. While the last two have remained in release with charges.

On the other hand, during the controls carried out by the agents, they have investigated seven people for crimes against road safety, for driving without a permit, and for driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, exceeding the permitted alcohol level, in addition to other 22 offenses of various kinds.

To prevent theft in our home, the Civil Guard reminds citizens that when leaving the home they must always check that the doors and windows are properly closed. It is important to always lock, to avoid entry by the “slip” procedure. In addition, we will distrust strangers who ask to access our house with any excuse.

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