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Arrests of Students Involved in Assault on Disabled Teacher Due to Dangerous TikTok Challenge Increase

The TikTok challenge has been replicated by some cities in the United States.

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The Covington Police Department, in Louisiana, announced the additional arrests for two people who filmed the attack on a disabled teacher by a viral TikTok challenge.

Police reports indicated that the suspects are an unidentified minor and Trinity Gervais, of 18 years. Both turned themselves in to the Covington Police Department.

The reports indicate that the minor was released, but with a custody agreement, while Gervais received a misdemeanor citation.

Officials indicated that both suspects had been charged with a misdemeanor offense of illegal posting of criminal activity to notoriety and publicity.

Challenging morality to generate ‘views’

The challenge known as “hit the teacher” has been gaining notoriety on TikTok in some cities in the United States, and Larrianna Jackson, 18, tried to viralize a video in which he slapped the 64-year-old disabled teacher.

As shown in the video, the student was talking with the teacher, and in a matter of seconds the blows began, to the point of making her fall to the ground, and there he continued slapping her.

This aggression made the teacher had to be hospitalized and receive treatment due to the severity of the injuries sustained.

Meanwhile, Jackson was transferred to a St. Tammany jail while awaiting the presentation of the charges he will receive. At the moment he faces the charge of suspicion of aggression from a teacher.

“The Covington Police Department wants to remind everyone that anyone who participates in these types of challenges will be prosecuted. In this publication we also attach the video that has been circulating on the internet. This matter remains under investigation and there could be more arrests “, the police entity communicated before Gervais and the minor were arrested this Friday.

The scandal of the aggression due to the challenge of this social network made TikTok join the rejection of this type of actions and they threatened to remove any material similar to the one that starred in Convington.

“The rumored ‘hit a teacher’ challenge is an insult to educators everywhere. And although it is not a trend on TikTok, if at some point it is detected, the content will be removed “TikTok reported from his Twitter account.

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