Tuesday, September 21

Arrimadas criticizes the Government’s “absence of a Christmas plan”

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has asked Spaniards this Saturday to “compensate with common sense the irresponsibility” of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, given the “absence of a Christmas plan” with restrictive and sanitary measures for all of Spain.

The leader of Ciudadanos has insisted on a virtual appearance held at the party’s headquarters to congratulate the parties that “it has become clear that the Government has generated uncertainty again and has washed its hands.”

Arrimadas has said that “the most important dates are coming” from the family and social sphere “after a very hard year for the Spanish and with a Christmas that will be celebrated in a very complicated way”.

“Many citizens see that this government has again generated uncertainty“, has reiterated.

Para Arrimadas, “it’s envious to see other European leaders that are in the hard and in the mature “.

In Spain, according to Arrimadas, “we are already used to seeing how Sánchez comes out to talk about vaccines and European aid, but to talk about a Christmas plan and restrictions, as it is complicated, he does not go out there and throw the ball forward “.

At the last general council of the orange formation and at the gates of the Catalan elections, Arrimadas stressed that “Ciudadanos has shown that it is a ruling party” because it is doing well in the autonomous communities.

And in addition, Arrimadas has vindicated his strategy of keeping his hand out to the Government, with whom this year he tried to negotiate the budgets in addition to favor that it could be extended in May the state of alarm, compared to the positions of the PP and ERC.

“We have shown that the opposition can be very useful to the Spanish” because – Arrimadas said – “the opposition is not a waiting room until you have to govern.”

And in that line, Arrimadas has scored the point that the Government has not raised personal income tax on average income or corporate tax.

“Thanks to our discreet and brave work we have managed to prevent Spaniards from getting a few 5,000 million euros in taxes “ since “we have been able to block the increase in VAT to concerted and special education, health and education,” he also pointed out in reference to the Budgets.

However, some critical sources of Cs have insisted this Saturday to EFE in predicting “a black future” for the party due to Arrimadas’ strategy and to the weakening in Catalonia, where they believe that electorally they will be non-existent.

These sources regret that the PP no longer needs Citizens, Catalan Civil Society has refused to go on its lists, the party loses its affiliation and there has also been an “infamous finger” for which Carlos Carrizosa will be a candidate. “The last chance to save the project and the game disappears into the abyss into which Rivera put us,” they underline.

On the other hand, at this Saturday’s meeting, Citizens have incorporated the new regional coordinators of the party into the General Council and has presented the Budget for 2021 of the training, “with a surplus and zero debts with banks”.


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