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Arrimadas falsely closes the Citizens’ crisis by diluting the role of its strong men



Inés Arrimadas has closed in false the biggest crisis of Citizens (Cs). A month after the conclave after the Catalan debacle, the leader of the Liberals puts a patch on his leadership with the resignation of his two strong men from their vice-secretariats and the expansion of his Permanent Committee, the nucleus of the party’s decision.

The Cs spokesman in the Valencian Community, Toni Cantó, has resigned after unsuccessfully demanding two issues: the resignation of the entire leadership after a “shameful” strategy that has led them to lose two of their four autonomous governments, and whate Cs sought a coalition with the PP in the Community of Madrid for the good of the center-right and “freedom.”

Very critical, in the conclave he has launched his requests and seeing that he had no support, he left the meeting and announced his resignation to the media. To his companions inside, he later said Edmundo Bal, He has not mentioned anything to them. Not even, he assures, has he heard replies from those who disagreed with him.

Party sources believe that Cantó was seen coming for a long time and that no one could be surprised, with what was published these days in the press, what happened today. But what did hurt the party was the “betrayal” of the “Turncoats” of the Region of Murcia and, above all, the abandonment of Fran Hervías and his incorporation to the PP.

A historical leader of Cs assures this newspaper that the movement was not expected and that although Hervías had always been critical of Arrimadas’ strategy – he says he was also critical in the past with other approaches to the left -, no one could suppose, with his speech in favor of regeneration, that he change sides.

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Without attending to the press

Arrimadas, a refugee at the headquarters at all times, made a statement three hours after the conclusion of the conclave without answering questions from the press. His speech, in which he has assumed errors, but without citing a single one or mentioning the loss of the Governments of the Region of Murcia and the Community of Madrid, has been victimizing, self-defensive.

The image, surrounded by its new dome, sought a unity and transmit a closing of ranks to the internal. Sin Cantó, who they place in the PP, but the rest all together. Cuadrado and Espejo, the two pointed out by the critical voices of the Executive Committee, in a notorious background.

Arrimadas has spoken of a campaign orchestrated by the PP to “buy” positions of Cs. A content similar to that of Bal, who will be reinforced as the new national spokesperson, but with a different tone.

Later, he has chosen to claim the ideological space of Cs. Space, and its need, according to her, in the face of a “polarized and radicalized” Spain. In a Madrid key, he has launched the message that without Cs, which the latest ABC poll relegates to extra-parliamentarism, the “Populism on one side and the other” it is very likely that he will enter the regional government for the first time. The fear of Vox and Pablo Iglesias. Sources attending the meeting today assumed that Ignacio Aguado will be the candidate, but primaries have yet to be held.

Arrimadas restructures its executive, but does not stop neither Cuadrado nor Espejo. They are the ones who step aside and give up carrying all the strategic weight of the party. Marina Bravo continues as general secretary, but now he should assume the stripes that Square, who will focus on Finance, his eternal plot, and Espejo, in front of the parliamentary group in the mirror, had in practice.

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Present sources indicate that the idea is to recover a more classic organization chart, with specific secretariats, and probably with a Communications secretary. A figure that disappeared with the end of the manager. Decision-making aims to be collegiate, although it remains to be seen how they adapt to their new role, Square and Mirror.

Arrimadas incorporates critical voices, such as Juan Marín, Begoña Villacís or Ignacio Aguado, but also others related to the president such as Guillermo Díaz or Daniel Pérez. The idea is to listen to more voices in the day-to-day of the game and also that there is a territorial danger. Cantó had also been offered to be there, but he has rejected it. Sources from his environment pointed out these days that he was considering opting to lead Cs if Arrimadas took a step aside.

At Bal’s proposal, a proposal has been voted to condemn the supposed campaign of the PP to “buy” people from Cs. An initiative that Cantó, in favor of moving towards a coalition with the popular ones, has refused to vote. The rest have seconded it, which has served to build the most difficult speech of Arrimadas, a year and a week after winning the primaries of Cs.

Sara Giménez, Fernando Giner and Jordi Cañas also join the Permanent Committee. And they follow the Secretary of Organization, Borja González, and Melisa Rodríguez, relegated to deputy spokesperson.

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