Monday, March 4

arrogant and inept politicians, by Carles Sans

To date, it is not known for sure the exact number of victims that the war in Ukraine has claimed. The United Nations accounts for nearly 6,000 civilians killed, including more than 370 children. Innocent people whose lives have been cut short because someone has decided that an invasion and subsequent war must be launched. A political problem managed by a few arrogant and inept people who, overnight, send obedient young people to the front, sons of anonymous families, who, under the orders of a superior, go to the battlefield to kill others, who in turn have been sent by their own. Some will go convinced, full of patriotism; others terrified will fight to survive; but with the passing of days both parties, be it the invader or the invaded, they will shoot moved by the hatred to the enemy, with the need to avenge their dead companions and their missing relatives. Because for them, once the conflict has begun, the least important thing is the reason for which it has originated, from a certain degree of pain and destruction, it will only drive them to annihilate those who cause them suffering. There is nothing that unites people like hatred towards a common enemy.

There is talk of more than 40,000 Russian soldiers killed and, it is assumed, as many Ukrainian soldiers. An unimaginable nonsense in the Europe of the 21st century.

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How much hypocrisy surrounds wars! Murder, which in a peace situation would be punished with the maximum punishment for a civilian, for a soldier in time of war becomes a heroic act. Someone once said that wars would only be fair if they only killed the guilty. They wouldn’t even be. Today, Who can justify a military conflict as a way out of a political conflict?

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Now, in Russia, many conscripted reservists run away scared because they fear being sent to the front to kill; if they flee it is because they care about their life first than the feeling of homeland defense that is demanded of them. A fleeing reservist said: “I refuse to be sent to assassinate anyone.” I wish everyone involved would say the same one day; It would be the only way to stop this slaughter.

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