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Artificial intelligence to streamline municipal procedures

Main facade of the Alicante Town Hall, in a recent image.  |  ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Main facade of the Alicante Town Hall, in a recent image. | ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Alicante City Council works to put lto artificial intelligence at the service of municipal processing, of the neighbors. It aims to promote a computer tool to support the electronic relationship between citizens and local Administration. ANDhe project focuses on developing a «brain» to assist in the navigation of municipal web portals, including the municipal electronic headquarters, where it will also assist in electronic processing. It will be with the voice (with a natural language) and can be executed from any mobile device.

With this objective on the table, the Councilor for New Technologies, Antonio Peral (PP), on Tuesday gathered dozens of representatives of companies in the technology sector in search of “help.” And it is that the City Council seeks that expert advice before launching the public tender. Now we are working on «specifying the possible artificial intelligence solutions applicable to the IT tools for consultation, processing and management existing in the City Council: functionalities, requirements, necessary licensing and level of integration ». It is also expected to specify aspects such as the prices and execution times of the different services to be contracted before launching the public tender. “It seeks to simplify navigation and electronic processing, reducing the digital divide and prioritizing care for people with special abilities,” explains councilor Peral, who argues that it is an ambitious project to improve relations between citizens and the City Council: ” We are going to hire a brain to manage all the information to offer it in a simple way, through voice, with maximum accessibility … ». In practice, the project intends that a citizen, through his mobile phone, can request by voice the procedure he wishes to carry out and that the tool return the requested documentation (either how to process municipal aid or how to obtain the certificate of registration) with an email.

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Actually, Accessing this information on municipal web portals is not an easy task. This was recognized by the City Council during the meeting with the sector, in which it was discussed that the use of navigation is less than desired due to issues such as the dispersion of tools, the technological complexity for citizens and the digital divide, among other issues. .

A project that is expected to be implemented in just over a year

The consultation of companies in the technology sector seeks, among other aspects, to determine the cost necessary to develop a tool that is useful for citizens. Thus, it is still risky to specify the approximate cost of the project, as explained by the City Council. Councilor Antonio Peral, on the other hand, does dare with the planned deadlines: “We hope to tender the contract in the second half of this year and that it will be available to the citizen in mid-2022.

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