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Artificial Intelligence will allow the people of Alicante to carry out procedures online and with their voice with the City Council

Image of the new Smart City Alicante app

Image of the new Smart City Alicante app

The Alicante City Council, through the Councils of New Technologies, Innovation and Informatics and Project Coordination, directed by the mayor Antonio Peral, and in collaboration with the Valencian Innovation Agency has launched a process by which it is intended to implement an Artificial Intelligence technological solution, for use by citizens, which will allow through a single access point and through the use of natural language browsing the municipal website and carrying out any of the procedures that are currently in the electronic office.

The initiative will enable a user through an app or the municipal website itself to be able to verbally request the content that they wish to view or the process they intend to carry out and artificial intelligence system will assist you throughout your visit or in completing the procedure and will interact with the user through natural language. The initiative does not stop there and aims to go further and that is why this system must also allow any of the technologically inclusive systems for people with special abilities.

The Councilor for the Presidency, Antonio Peral, has indicated regarding the initiative that is being launched that “it is evident that with this system the access to the processing and obtaining of municipal information will be simplified, a large part of the digital divide will be saved with our elders, being able to carry out any management from any computer device, of course including mobile phones, widely used by our elders, and facilitate the interaction of people with special abilities with your City Council. It will also be very useful to provide information to the people who visit us and it will help us to promote our beloved city internationally as it is an innovative project that can be exported to the rest of the world. ”

To make this project a reality, the Alicante City Council has decided to launch an innovation challenge to the market, betting on the Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) as a tool to boost its impact on the ecosystem and incentivize the market to innovate and increase its value proposition, for which it has had the collaboration of the Valencian Innovation Agency, through the financing of these actions within the framework of the call for aid in terms of strengthening and development of the Valencian innovation system for the improvement of the production model for the 2019-2020 fiscal years.

This Preliminary Market Consultation that will be launched by the Alicante City Council aims, through the contributions of companies and organizations that intend to collaborate with the municipal institution, to prepare a list of technical prescriptions to contract the implementation, configuration, parameterization, and start-up of the project.

All the documentation related to the Preliminary Market Consultation is It is published in the Contractor Profile of the Alicante City Council, in the “documents” tab. And next Tuesday, March 9 at 11:30 a.m. there will be an online conference called “CPM“ Smart City Alicante artificial intelligence project ”where the project will be exposed and doubts about it will be clarified, in order to obtain a first feedback of the participants. It is freely accessible and can be accessed through the following link:

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