Tuesday, June 6

ASAJA achieves its best electoral results in the regulatory councils and quality figures

Thus, the 33 members of ASAJA Alicante will be distributed among the following bodies: Regulatory Council of Protected Denomination of Origin Table Grapes of Vinalopó, Regulatory Council of Protected Denomination of Origin Vinos de Alicante, Regulatory Council of Protected Geographical Indication Cerezas de la Montaña, Regulatory Council Denomination of Protected Origin Nísperos Callosa d´En Sarrià, Regulatory Council of Protected Denomination of Origin Granada Mollar de Elche and CAECV (Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community).

Regulatory Council of Denomination of Origin of Vinalopó Bagged Table Grapes.

One of the most striking cases has been that of the results obtained in the votes held for the Regulatory Council of Denomination of Origin of Embolsada Table Grapes of Vinalopó, where the Alicante organization has obtained 134 votes for Census A, that of the producers in front of 50 of the Unió de Llauradors, which means 4 members for ASAJA compared to 1 only member that the Unió achieves, with the consolidation as president of this DO of Pepe Bernabéu, who repeats in the position of presidency.

In Census B, that of traders, there were no votes and the joint candidacy of ASAJA and FEXPHAL reached an agreement that was settled: Fexphal and ASAJA, 4 members; La Unió, 1 vowel.

Ecological Agriculture Committee (CAECV)

In the case of CAECV, ASAJA Alicante has obtained historical results in the four tables in Alicante. It should be remembered that the CAECV is the only Council in which the elections are autonomous, and that of the 454 votes obtained by the joint candidacy of ASAJA Alicante and AVA ASAJA in the entire Valencian Community, 299 have been obtained among the four tables of the province of Alicante, in front of the 82 of the Unió. Specifically, the Almoradí county office has been the one that has registered the largest number of voters in the entire Community, with 142 voters, of which 122 have voted for ASAJA Alicante.

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Thus, the joint candidacy of ASAJA Alicante and AVA-ASAJA has obtained more votes and members than La UNIÓ and COAG in all the censuses: in Census A (producers) it obtained 454 votes by 262 from La UNIÓ and 45 from COAG; in census B (elaborators) it gathers 89 votes by 67 of LA UNIÓ; and in census C (importers) it accumulated 10 votes by 6 of LA UNIÓ. These results imply the achievement of 6 members by ASAJA Alicante and AVA ASAJA compared to 4 by the Unió and, therefore, a change of presidency in the CAECV, which passes from the hands of the noveldense representative of the Unió Antonio Rico, to the candidates of AVA ASAJA and ASAJA Alicante, Vicente Faro and José Vicente Andreu, the latter, also president of ASAJA Alicante who joins the board of directors from CAECV for the first time.

Regulatory Council Protected Geographical Indication Mountain Cherries

Of the 8 representatives, ASAJA Alicante is awarded 8 members and Unió 0.

Regulatory Council of Protected Designation of Origin Nísperos Callosa d´En Sarrià

Of the 10 representatives, 4 are from ASAJA Alicante, 4 from the Ruchey Cooperative and 2 from Unió. One of the members of ASAJA for Census B.

Regulatory Council of Protected Denomination of Origin Granada Mollar de Elche

Of the 4 representatives, ASAJA achieves 2, Unió 1 and Cambayas 1, being the representative designated by this cooperative Cambayas Roque Bru, member of the provincial board of directors of ASAJA Alicante and representative of the Granada Sectorial of ASAJA Alicante.


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