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asks “to continue pushing to give rise to a new Republic”




This Saturday the last State Citizen Council (CCE) of Podemos of the year was held online. The meeting has coincided five days before the traditional Christmas message from the King. During the opening speech of the CCE, the second vice president and secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has taken advantage of this context to intensify its attacks on the Crown.

Iglesias considers that the irregularities attributed to King Juan Carlos I they have fanned the debate on the state model more than ever. One of the «tasks» of Podemos will be «to continue pushing for the republican identity that the majority of our country already has in place sooner rather than later a Republic that identifies with modernization, with a more dignified country and with the future.

«I suspect that many compatriots who will be listening to the King’s speech they are going to wonder if they are monarchists or republicans, that debate is going to take place in the dinners according to the speech, because it is not something new “, has valued Iglesias. “Do not be afraid of these debates,” he added.

Investigation commission

On the other hand, the vice president has commented that United We Can (UP) yesterday registered again the commission of investigation of the “black cards” of Juan Carlos I that the Board of Congress overthrew on Tuesday. The votes against were from PSOE, Popular Party and Vox. This time it is also signed by ERC, Bildu, Más País, Compromís, CUP and BNG to gain parliamentary strength.

“The monarchical parties should be the first interested in that these investigations are carried out, this repeated refusal, far from doing a favor to the Monarchy, what it does is call into question the fundamental principle of a parliamentary monarchy,” the vice president has reproached.

Stubbornness and commitments

Iglesias has also boasted of “stubbornness” to comply with the agreement of the coalition government signed a year ago: “They may tell us that we are very stubborn to comply with the signed agreement, well, yes, we are very stubborn; they voted us for that.

Podemos is enthusiastic about transmitting that image of stubbornness in defending its measures while they pressure the PSOE. For what they take advantage of the free publicity that supposes the “do not be stubborn” that the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Monterohe released Vice President Iglesias in a corner of Congress this week.

Iglesias has again insisted this Saturday on guarantee water, electricity and gas “While the emergency context lasts” —Podemos demands to include it in the anti-eviction decree that will be approved in the Council of Ministers next Tuesday.

Call to unions and social actors

He has also defended the repeal of the labor reform 2012, upload the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) y improve pensions. “These are commitments set out in the government agreement signed by Pedro Sánchez and I,” the vice president stressed.

We can consider that the “enemies” of the Government and “the usual powers” are going to put up “enormous resistance.” And in this sense, he asks the unions and social groups to press to advance the social agenda. In addition, he has vindicated the “conflict in politics as the historical engine” of social and democratic progress.

In short, the conversation discovered by chance between Montero and Iglesias reveals an atmosphere of tension in the Executive that PSOE and UP are trying to gallop. Churches considers that “they have benefited from the modest weight” they have in the coalition. He also values ​​that they are “being able to normalize the culture of the coalition.” Despite the discrepancies, he says, they show “that it is positive” because they are the “guarantee” that the agreements are fulfilled.

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