Wednesday, August 4

Aspe teacher convicted of sleeping with a student

The Audience of Alicante has condemned eleven years in prison for a high school teacher from Aspe for having sex with one of his students, a thirteen-year-old girl, according to the sentence to which this newspaper has had access. Although the defendant had denied the facts and assured that there had only been a situation of infatuation and without any sexual relationship, the court has given total credibility to the victim’s testimony. A story that has been seen endorsed by the statements of the people around them and by the messages of WhatsApp that they exchanged that proved that their relationship went beyond the platonic.

The ruling declares proven that the events occurred during the 2015/16 academic year, when the accused was a gymnastics teacher at an institute of Aspe and that the victim was one of his students. DSince the beginning of the course, the relationship between them became very close, until in June they began to have meetings alone in a warehouse in the center where sports equipment was kept. The Hearing considers fully credited that they finally ended up having full sexual relations and frequent encounters during the summer months in a warehouse. The complaint was filed by the parents after the center detected the relationship.

The court has relied on the girl’s statement and the WhatsApp messages that the defendant sent her


Failure considers it proven that the accused took advantage of his situation of superiority, since his status as a teacher and the great age difference “These are circumstances that the accused takes advantage of to commit the crime” In addition to the jail sentence, the ruling also imposes fifteen years of disqualification for practicing as a teacher in public or private centers, as well as for any profession or trade that involves direct relationship or contact with minors. The defendant will also not be able to approach the victim for 14 years and must compensate her with 10,000 euros for the non-pecuniary damage caused. The sentence considers the damage to the victim proven “whose feelings of guilt, confusion in psycho-affective sexual development and shame have been revealed by herself and the professionals of the 24 Hours Woman Center.”

The courtroom has given full credibility to the victim’s testimony. «Beyond the confusion and insecurity that the minor could have caused by the fact itself, which from now on must be classified as anomalous, of being maintaining an affective and sexual relationship of this nature with a teacher who was fully trusted by her and who also tripled her age, it has become clear that the minor has an adequate perceptual and expressive capacity in her speech, “argues the ruling. The judges emphasize that there is no intention of revenge or animosity towards the accused, recalling that at first he tried to hide the facts when other teachers began to ask him. Since then, the story has remained the same in all his appearances. The ruling recalls the WhatsApp messages deleted at the request of the defendant between him and the victim that “shows the aspect of the relationship between the two and the situation of anguish to the minor, who even told her that ‘he understands that I am small.'”

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