Friday, January 22

Assault on Capitol Hill: How Trump Was “Alone” and Why Attacking Congress May Generate a Schism in the Republican Party

  • Beatriz Díez (@bbc_diez)
  • BBC World News


Several of Trump’s main allies in the Republican ranks have distanced themselves from the president.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, the breaking point, the red line.

These are expressions that are repeated in the United States these days to explain why some of President Donald Trump’s historical allies have distanced themselves or have directly broken with him.

From Republican Party legislators to members of his government, several figures have said “enough already” after the events of Wednesday in Washington DC, where a mob of violent followers of the president stormed the Capitol.

The unusual images of dozens of people breaking security, invading the headquarters of the US Congress and occupying several of its rooms caused stupor and outrage in a country not used to this type of scene.

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