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Astilleros Lagos, Gold Medal of the FGV and the Náutico recognized his work and that of the Navy



The Royal Galician Sailing Federation and the Real Club Náutico de Vigo recognized Astilleros Lagos in the awards ceremony of the classics regatta, one of the parallel events to the Southern European Championships-Grand Prize Xacobeo 21-22 of Snipe, which they organize the Nautical and its foundation. In addition, Náutico himself paid another tribute to Astilleros Armada, the firm that has many memories of “Cholo” Armada, where that historical snipista from Vigo also planned a good part of his enormous career.

La Gallega, through its president, Manuel Villaverde, presented the RFGV Gold Medal to Astilleros Lagos, according to an agreement reached at a board of directors meeting.

The history of the Vigo shipyard is closely linked to Galician sailing in particular, Spanish in general, and to the Real Club Náutico itself. The company, founded in 1915 in Areal and now based in Bouzas, has built more than 400 wooden snipes throughout its history. The first, in 1934, at the “Campo Ganoy” farm, near Coruña street, and the second batch at the shipyard’s third location, in López Mora, before moving in 1940 to its current location in Bouzas.

Those first boats, commissioned by sailors from the Náutico de Vigo, were the “Celmar”, “Lika” and “Sur”, which aimed to improve the artisanal “Toñete”, built by Antonio Ruiz, director of the Náutico.

But the prestige of Lagos did not stop there. He has built units of the Star class, Dragons, he has worked for the Naval Academy in particular (also giving them Snipes), for the Navy in general, he has been a spearhead in speedboats (the famous “shoes”) and also in the heavy candle. A design by Alfredo Lagos in 1953, the “Rosina” (Carina class), won the first edition of the Rías Baixas Regatta in 1964 with Julián Zarauza at the helm. That 10.3 meter sailboat would be adopted by the Náutico and for the club Lagos would build seven units between 1953 and 1956.

Furthermore, his was the first shipyard in Spain to build a Bruce Farr design (“Alcaravan III”, 1979) and repairs and reinforcement of the deck were made on the maxi “Fortuna” for the World Tour 89 / 90.

El Náutico, which in 2015 already honored Astilleros Lagos with the Semana del Atlántico award for the company’s centenary (the firm also received that same year the National Sailing Award granted by Monte Real), presented the Lagos family with a plaque commemorative by the European South in which his “contribution” in the creation of the Snipe fleet of the club was highlighted. Alfredo Lagos Jr. collected both distinctions.

The Snipes Lagos achieved notorious prestige over the years. In fact, several competed in Thursday’s classics regatta in the estuary, two of them, the “Dubhe” and the “Escaramuza”, with the RFGV necklace, which is focused on creating a circuit of classics regattas as another way to recover the history of Galician sailing.

In addition, the Náutico, through its president, José Antonio Portela, presented a plaque to Astilleros Armada for the influence of the surname Armada in the national fleet. It was picked up by the captain of the club’s Snipes fleet, Ricardo Salgado, on behalf of the Armada family. Ángel Armada, “Cholo”, won three Spanish class Championships (1960, 1966 and 1968) with the Nautical necklace. In 1960, the “Chuvias II” won the Galician Championship and the Spanish Championship, both in Vigo, in addition to finishing runner-up in Europe for Snipes in Landskrona (Sweden) and, days before, fourth in the European Boat Championship with Two-crew daggerboard in Turku (Finland). Never before have so many hits come together.

Vigo was the gateway for the American Snipe in Spain between 1932 and 1934. Then came the official creation of the 136 Scira fleet (on December 1, 1940), the first in Spain. But Astilleros Lagos would be unfailingly linked to Náutico and Snipe.

This South European is the final event of the celebrations, since 2020, for the 80th anniversary of the country’s number 1 Snipe fleet. Since last October and not before due to the pandemic, “We have organized the Spanish Championship and the Cholo Armada Memorial, in April of this year the Galician Championship and now the classics regatta and this South European”, It was explained from the club.

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