Thursday, January 20

AstraZeneca: How do we know if a vaccine causes adverse effects?

  • Juan Jose Carreras Martinez
  • The Conversation*



Several countries have suspended the application of the AstraZeneca vaccine until it is clear if it is safe.

In recent weeks, different news items have appeared in the media that linked vaccination against covid-19 with fatal cases.

Austria first stopped vaccination with the ABV5300 lot of AstraZeneca vaccine due to the notification of two thrombotic events, one of them with a fatal outcome. This decision was joined by several countries where it had also been distributed.

As of today, vaccination with any batch of AstraZeneca has already been suspended by several European countries. Among them are Spain, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Germany and France.

Given so much uncertainty, it is important to qualify this information to avoid the excessive sensationalism that affects so much a population tired of this pandemic and that can cause fear of vaccination.

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