Monday, May 17

Asturias closes all “non-essential” activities

A police vehicle, among the crowded terraces in the center of Oviedo.

A police vehicle, among the crowded terraces in the center of Oviedo.
M. López

The government of the Principality of Asturias will decree in the next few hours a closure of all non-essential activities which will go into effect on Wednesday. He will also ask Madrid for a 15-day confinement. A measure announced this Monday by Adrián Barbón and who joins the total closure of the hospitality industry that advanced ‘La Nueva España’. These measures are intended to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Further the curfew will be at 10 pm and not at midnight as before.

“We have called this meeting today because the virus does not understand holidays. You need to take action“President Adrián Barbón said during his appearance this morning after the Covid committee meeting, emphasizing that” we are experiencing a critical situation. “” What worries us most is a growth in hospitalizations that we did not see even in the first wave. . If we continue at this rate, the pandemic would take us to a limit hospital situation“, he sentenced.” Less contact, less contagion “, there is no other maxim.

The feeling in the regional government is that you had to act “as soon as possible” to avoid collapse in hospitals. In this sense, it is also not ruled out that in the press conference that Barbón will offer today, he announced the advance of the curfew, which until now was located at midnight or the restriction of movements between councils.

And it is that the covid-free paradise that was Asturias in summer is already far behind and the second wave of the epidemic is hitting the region hard. Gijón exceeds the national average incidence rate (485 in the last fourteen days) and Asturian (400), and is the council that fares the worst, registering 2,844 positives for covid since the beginning of this second wave, 1,490 in the last 14 days and 966 during the past week, according to statistics from the Asturias Health Observatory. The incidence rate per one hundred thousand inhabitants in the municipality is 548.2 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days and 355.4 last week.

The covid map in Asturias

Thus, the incidence of the most populated council in Asturias in the last 14 days it is higher than in Madrid (414), Castilla-La Mancha (504), Andalusia (444) or Murcia (503). It is close to that of the Basque Country (594), and the incidence is much higher in Catalonia (699), Castilla y León (760?), La Rioja (745), Navarra (1,187) and Aragon (1,029).

Extreme risk

Asturias is in a situation of “extreme risk” due to hospital pressure. Or, in other words, due to the increase in admissions to hospitals and intensive care units (ICU) of people infected by the coronavirus. According to the health authorities, the situation is “critical” but at the moment acceptable and “no one is going to be left unattended”. The feeling among health personnel is much harsher and pessimistic. Without having had time to recover from the first wave, they fear that in a few days the number of infections will skyrocket again (hospitalizations always occur days after the infection is detected). “We like this, and the people on the terraces,” they lament. Podemos Asturias yesterday demanded total confinement “now.”

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