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At least 15 serving or former police officers have killed women in the UK since 2009: report | Policeman

Women have been killed by at least 15 officers or former police officers in the UK since 2009, new figures reveal.

Most of the women killed by former officers had been their partners, according to data from the census of femicides first reported by the Times.

Other cases shown in the data, which tracks the murders of women by men in the UK, were a murder for financial gain and another in which a former police officer suffocated his mother.

The murder of Sarah Everard by Wayne Couzens, who was a Metropolitan Police officer, had seen a renewed focus on attacks on women involving the police.

Vigils held on Clapham Common, southwest London, following her death on 3 March, were interrupted by police, who controversially detained women and dispersed mourners.

Couzens, 48, a diplomatic protection officer carrying a firearm, admitted to murdering Everard, 33, and will be sentenced at the Old Bailey this week. He was fired by the Met after his guilty plea.

He had also admitted to being abducted and raped during an incident in which he led the London marketing director to the place where his body was finally discovered, in a forest near Ashford in Kent.

Speaking after Couzens admitted the crimes, Met Commissioner Cressida Dick said: “I have 44,000 people working at the Met. Unfortunately, some of them are mistreated at home, for example, and unfortunately, sometimes, I have a bad situation ”.

Karen Ingala Smith, co-founder of the Census of Femicide, told the Times that the problem was “much deeper” than what could be described as a “bad” one. One example he pointed to was the scandal of undercover agents having sex with activists they attacked.

This month, an officer on duty at the Met was charged with voyeurism.

Ingala Smith criticized “the attitudes of disbelief that rapists allow, rather than support rape victims.” She said: “This is not the problem of a few ‘bad’, but of systemic and institutional sexism. The census of femicides has shown that even the murder of a woman was no exception. “

Census data, which included Couzens, showed 10 murders committed by police officers, former police officers and a former special agent since 2009.

Other cases were classified as manslaughter and included Dorset police officer Timothy Brehmer, who had strangled a woman he had had an affair with after she exposed him to his wife. Brehmer was acquitted of murder.

In most of the cases, generally involving former officers, the women had been intimate partners, former intimate partners or the perpetrator’s wife.

The cases included Ivan Escak, who was jailed for life in 2013 for murdering his estranged wife by stabbing her 11 times at his hair salon in Ashford, Kent.

William Kean, a former Tayside Police Special Agent, was convicted in 2012 of beating an 80-year-old charity volunteer to death to steal money from her.

In 2011, former detective Peter Foster murdered his partner, a police officer, hitting her with a baseball bat and stabbing her in the throat.

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