Thursday, June 30

At least 19 dead in a traffic accident in Mexico

The fire has affected numerous vehicles.

The fire has affected numerous vehicles.

A traffic accident in Puebla (downtown), on the highway towards Mexico City, left 19 dead this Saturday after a truck loses control and flammable liquid causes a fire, reported the authorities.

“When crossing the booth the truck drags six vehicles generating the death of 19 people and 3 injured. Among the deceased is the driver of the unit “, informed Roads and Federal Bridges of Income and Related Services (Capufe) through a statement on Twitter.

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) informed local media that the driver allegedly lost control and drums of more than 200 liters were spilled of a flammable white liquid that soon sparked a small explosion and large flames, killing 19 people and injuring three, according to preliminary reports.

According to Capufe, the liquid that the truck was carrying was shampoo based and the accident took place at 12:45 hours (18:45 GMT). The accident took place at a toll booth at kilometer 33 of the Mexico-Puebla highway, near toll booth number seven.

According to workers and people who live in the area, there have been many recent accidents in that sector, since, they speculated, from more than ten kilometers before the booth there is a downward slope and some trucks do not check their brakes even though there are braking ramps. At the moment, the National Guard and civil protection personnel cordoned off the area, since it was found that the whitish and black liquid is flammable.

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In addition to the head of the truck itself, there are at least seven burned cars and experts from the Prosecutor’s Office are doing the lifting of the bodies, forensic photographs and all kinds of investigations. According to workers and people who live in the area, this is the fourth accident in a month.

A month ago in this same toll booth something similar happened, since a 20-ton truck without brakes hit the toll booth and killed two people who were working.

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