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At least 19 dead, including 9 children, in the fire of a residential building in the Bronx of New York

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One fire in the New York neighborhood of Bronx has caused at least 19 dead, including nine children, as reported this Sunday afternoon by local authorities, who say that it is one of the worst events of this type in the city in decades. On Wednesday, another fire in a Philadelphia public housing caused another 12 deaths.

“This is going to be one of the worst fires we have witnessed in modern times,” said the Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, in a brief appearance before the media, reported by the Ap.

Apart from the 19 dead there are more than 60 injured, 13 of them in critical condition, according to the details provided by the local government.

The administrator of the fire department of New York, Daniel Nigro, said in an appearance from the scene that most of those admitted in serious condition had inhaled large amounts of smoke.

Firefighters, he explained, found victims “on all floors, and even on the stairs.” Expect the death toll to rise.

According to the same administrator, approximately 200 firefighters they put out the fire declared in the Twin Park Apartments, a 19-story building at the height of 181 Street in the Bronx, an area with a majority Hispanic demographic.

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A faulty electric heater

The flames originated, according to firefighters, in a two-story apartment that occupied the second and third floors of the red brick building. LThe firefighters found the apartment door open, which could make it easier for the flames to accelerate and spread through the building.

From the outset, it was practically ruled out that the fire was arson. In fact, Last night firefighters pointed to a faulty electric heater as the source. A resident of the building, Cristal Díaz, 27, told The New York Post that she was having coffee in her living room when she smelled smoke and realized that a fire had broken out. Before the voracity of the flames, he could only cover the gap in his door with wet towels. “We did not know what to do. We looked out the windows and saw all the corpses that were carried away with the blankets, “he told that newspaper.

One of the injured is evacuated from the scene
One of the injured is evacuated from the scene – Reuters

Wednesday’s fire in Philadelphia It had been the most serious and deadliest in a U.S. apartment building since 2017, when 13 people died in an apartment in the Bronx neighborhood. Now the new Bronx fire has overtaken both.

In the Philadelphia case, a boy as young as five told officers he was playing with a lighter when a Christmas tree it ignited at breakneck speed.

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