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At least 23 migrants died in two shipwrecks off Greece, according to new balance

At least 23 people died in the shipwrecks of two ships with migrants on board in Greecea few hours between Wednesday and Thursday, according to a new balance from the Greek coast guard on Friday.

At least five bodies were found on the island of Kythira, south of the Peloponnese peninsula, where a sailing ship with 95 migrants on board ran aground overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, a spokesman for the Greek coast guard told AFP.

At least 18 people, mostly women, died in another shipwreck that occurred Thursday in the early hours of the day off the island of Lesbosin the Mediterranean Eastern, according to the same source.

The two makeshift boats, overloaded, found themselves caught in strong winds and rough seas.

80 rescued

In Cythera, 80 people were rescued from the drowning, while on the coast of Lesbos 28 people were found. According to the Greek public broadcaster ERT, the latter are of Somali nationality. In total, there were about 40 people on board this boat, but only ten of them were wearing life jackets, adds the chain.

In Cythera, dozens of survivors, stranded at the foot of a cliff with a dismounted sea, had to be lifted by the lifeguards with specialized machinery.

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The Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakiscalled on Thursday to “completely eradicate traffickers who attack innocent people, desperate people” who try to enter the European Union on vessels that are not seaworthy. Mitsotakis made the statement from Prague, where he is engaged in talks with other European leaders.

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Precise data on victims is often difficult to establish, as some bodies are never recovered or are found washed up on shore weeks later.

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