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At least 35 dead in a Russian bombing of the station in Ukraine

At least 39 people have died and a hundred have been injured. in a rocket attack against Kramatorsk railway stationa city located in the eastern ukrainenorth of Donetsk, from which thousands of people were being evacuated to other safer regions of the country at war.

“This is a deliberate hit to the railway’s passenger infrastructure and the residents of Kramatorsk”, the Ukrainian railways entity has denounced on Facebook. The railway company has also published a photograph in which you can see a body lying on the ground close to several wrecked cars in what appears to be a parking lot, with bags and luggage strewn across the road.

The mayor of Kramatorsk, Oleksander Honcharenkonoted that there were about 4,000 people at the city train station, most women, elderly and childrenwhen it was hit by rockets.

In front of the city station were several charred cars and the remains of a missile. The place was littered with abandoned suitcases, broken glass and debris. The interior of the station was covered in blood, often trampled and spread out into the street, due to the movement of bodies.

“Boundless Evil”

The head of the Donetsk regional military administration, Pavlo Kirilenkostated on his Telegram account: “The russian fascists they attacked the Kramatorsk railway station with an Iskander. Police and guards on the ground report dozens of deaths and injuries.” Kirilenko added that “thousands of people they were at the station at the time of the missile attack, while Donetsk residents were being evacuated to safer regions of Ukraine.” “The Russians knew exactly who they were targeting. The Russian Federation is a evil empire and always has been. He must be punished!”, He has asserted on her Twitter account.

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In this regard, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas described as an act of “limitless evil“On behalf of Russia, the bloody rocket attack on the Kramatorsk train station in the east of the country, where at least 35 people were killed this Friday. “As they have neither the strength nor the courage to face us on the battlefield, they cynically destroy the civilian population. It is an evil without limits. And if it is not punished, it will never stop,” said the president on Telegram, denouncing the “inhumane” methods of the Russian forces.

Russia denies the attack

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For his part, the Ministry of Defence ha denied involvement in the attack at the train station. “On April 8, the Russian armed forces they had no fire missions in the city of Kramatorsk and were not planned,” he said in a statement released on his official Telegram account.

In the same line, the pro-russian militias of Donetsk – in the east of Ukraine – have accused this Friday to kyiv from the attack against the train station in Kramatorsk – a city considered to be the Ukrainian military base in the Donetsk region. “The Ukrainian army has attacked Kramatorsk with rockets”, a city controlled by kyiv, said the militias’ territorial defense office, quoted by the Interfax agency.

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