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At least five dead and three seriously injured by a fire in a nursing home in Moncada



At least five dead and thirty intoxicated due to smoke inhalation after a fire broke out in a nursing home in the Valencian town of Moncada. The fire originated at half past eleven on Tuesday night in a nursing home located on the town’s Calle Mayor. The first investigations indicate that the accident could have been caused by a short circuit in medical oxygen equipment.

The Civil Guard will continue this Wednesday with the investigations of a case that will be handled by the Moncada trial court, on duty at the time of the tragic fire. The armed institute has confirmed that at the time of the incident a total of 81 people were inside the facilities.

As reported by the Emergency Coordination Center of the Generalitat, the incident has claimed five lives, but the death toll could rise in the coming weeks as there are three people seriously injured by smoke poisoning, while another eight residents have also been hospitalized with minor injuries.

Firefighters rescued 25 people from the flames, while other residents were evicted, up to a total of seventy people. The fire, which started in a room on the first floor, was completely extinguished at around four in the morning.

Witnesses to the fire witnessed how workers at the residence, which already suffered another fire in 2008, along with firefighters and police rescued the elderly through one of the stairs of the two-story building.

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Fifty firefighters, civil guards and local police officers went to the residence to help the victims. The Emergency Coordination Center received the notice of fire in the nursing home around twenty minutes past eleven at night. In total, they mobilized nine fire departments and ten ambulances from the CICU, of which four were SAMU, five Basic Life Support and one Non-Assisted Transport. Three Meritorious agents had to be assisted by medical services in a hospital.

The City Council of Moncada has declared official mourning until next Friday, January 21. From the institution, “the condolences and all the solidarity of the city of Moncada to the families and relatives of the victims” have been transmitted. Likewise, the Municipal Council has convened a minute of silence at twelve noon this Wednesday and has conveyed its condolences and solidarity to the families and relatives of the victims through its official channels.

Meanwhile, the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has conveyed his condolences to the families of those who died in the nursing home. Puig, through his Twitter account, has assured that today is a “sad” day for the Valencian Community.

In addition, he explained that he is in “permanent” contact with the mayor of Moncada to learn about the evolution of the injured. The president has shown all his support for the town given the magnitude of the tragedy.

Massamagrell’s precedent in 2006

To find a precedent for a fire with such serious consequences in the Valencian Community, we must go back to 2006, when five people died as a result of a fire declared in a nursing home in the town of Massamagrell.

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