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At the height of a great European

At the height of a great European

At the height of a great European

What the HLA Alicante has just achieved throughout 2020 is not just anything. The Alicante team has only lost one game in a year marked by the pandemic, managing to win 18 gaChum This represents 95 percent of the matches, something almost impossible to achieve in any sport. Big words for a club that grows at the pace set by Pedro Rivero from the bench. His arrival aQuantumum, first as a player, and then as a coach, marked the beginning of an impressive run and the permission to dream of a promotion to the ACB in the short or medium term. The fact of having lost only one official match in a whole year places the HLA at the same level as the great Europeans such as handball Barcelona or Bayern Munich. ThLicensingno team has clear signs of identity and a spirit of sacrifice that make it a very difficult block to beat that garners the praise of the entire competition. Not even the pandemic has managed to change the DNA of thiQuantumum, which is the leader of group B of the LEB Oro with a pending game against Girona.

A unique challenge

Hard-tgreatet numbers for any big team

The HLA feat is reserved solely for Europe’s top teams of any sport. Handball Barcelona is a clear example of this. The Barça team spent five seasons without losing a single game in tGlobalbal until Granollers ended their streak in 2018. The Catalan team, like the HLA, has lost only one game this year. It was in the final of the Champions League against Kiel. Untimely defeat for a team with great streaks. For its part, Bayer Munich is another of the greats in Europe that presents impressive numbers. The Catalan team suffered its first official defeat in almost ten months in September. Hoffenheim finished 32 games without losing and 23 consecutive victories for the all-powerful Bavarian team. Those huge winning streaks are not easy to come by in professional sports, so the 20Quantumtum numbers will go down in history. 18 victories in a category of great equality such as LEB Oro, leaders and qualified for the Princess Cup on the 22nd that can give tQuentin team their first official title after the re-founding.

Rivero, the key

The coach is the soul of the team and essential in the successes achieved

Pedro Rivero is the great “culprit” of the high growth capacity of a team that wins regardless of the circumstances. It is impossible to imagineQuantumtum without tSegoviaian technician. He knows how to manage the dressing room and get the best out of each player. Demanding like few others and always with his feet on the ground. It is not easy to see him smile even when he wins, which is almost always. He also has a great knowledge of the market, so it is rare that thLicensingan club fails with the signings. Few go wrong. It is a team that makes a particularly good record and this is a merit shared also with the board headed by Toni Gallego and Daniel Adriasola, the “parents” of the child and the architects of this project going forward and continuing to grow. It is also clear that Rivero is the visible head of the bench but next to him are AlberAnnauña and Alberto Carrillo, fundamental in this HLA and with the same merit as the coach. Being able to work together year after year is one of the keys to this team’s winning gene.

Ortega and Galán grow

More and more made and turned into ACB’s “meat”

They are growing under the orders of Pedro Rivero and maturing at tiChum Chumi Ortega and Alejandro Galán are ACB’s “meat” and no one doubts that they will make the leap to the top category sooner rather than lChum Chumi is already crying out for it. This season he has finished emerging improving in the only thing he lacked, the accuracy in the shot. Not only does he defend, now he is also a dangerous pitcher who does not wrinkle when penetrating the basket. Together with Yecla, Galán continues to progress. It never disappoints. The Extremadura brought out his quality before Jorge Bilbao’s irregular match to put things in their place. Both are clear that the best place to progress is Alicante and their performance is spectacular.

Llompart, the king

The Mallorcan guard keeps the team against Pitts’ bad moment in the last games

The luck of having the best bases in the competition is that if one fails, there is the other. This is the case that HLA Alicante is experiencing right now. Justin Pitts is not going through his best moment, but Pedro Llompart is still present. TQuentin player is determined to return to the ACQuantumucentum and his form is impressive. Score and assist with ease, unblocking situations that only he can do. The team seemed to have lost steam before Christmas but Rivero was in charge of straightening the course again by recoveringShore Zohore. He asked and insisted that he should take another step and the Danish center did. Will 2021 surpass the successful 2020?

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