Friday, October 15

At work they could ask employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Many people are wondering if their boss at work can demand that they get vaccinated against COVID-19, and although many might consider this to be unfair and even illegal, a lawyer says that employers can do it without fail. the law.

There are companies that are taking the initiative to ask their employees to get the vaccine, although they are not required to do so. Such is the case with Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc. Still, even if there is no such requirement, many employees have said they feel they have no other choice.

It is expected that this conflict will not only occur in the aforementioned company, but it is very likely to occur in many other workplaces, if not all.

And it is that a same Cleveland-Cliffs employee said that he does not think he has any other option when it comes to getting the vaccine. In other words, even if he doesn’t want to, he feels forced to do it.

And is that there are people who are afraid of being fired just for refusing to get the vaccine.

“Yes. Employers can require their employees to be vaccinated. Specifically, private employers, “said attorney Jade Robinson to the WLWT5 portal.

In fact, this has already happened, a Cleveland-Cliffs employee disclosed that they were sent a memorandum by a spokesperson advising them that people who are not vaccinated will not be able to return to the office. The memo also said the company expected workers to be vaccinated so they could return to their jobs..

The employee who released the memo said that, from the note, he feared he would be laid off if he decided not to get the vaccine. Given this, the lawyer Robinson said that the memo also seemed to him that it was an order to get the vaccine.

However, a spokesperson for the company in question said that this was not the case: “This internal communication speaks for itself and, as you can read in the message, there is nothing remotely construed as a threat to fire people who are not vaccinated. That said, for the safety of everyone at the company, all Cleveland-Cliffs employees are expected to be vaccinated, ”said Director of Corporate Communications Patricia Persico.

On the other hand, Robinson said that perhaps it is best for companies to accommodate employees who choose not to get vaccinated. This includes wearing a mask or social distancing.

The lawyer also said that companies can ask workers for proof that they were vaccinated, although they cannot ask for additional medical information.

Robinson said employers should strongly recommend the vaccine rather than require it, and that companies should be fair to each person and their specific situation.

He also said that employers should consult with legal counsel before implementing any order for all employees, because these situations should rather be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

On the side of the workers, the lawyer said that they would need something to happen to them – like being fired – in order to take legal action against the company.

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