Monday, January 25

Athletic fires Garitano after beating Elche and bets on Marcelino

  • Dario’s coach had been highly questioned in recent weeks, but goodbye was not expected Codea well-deserved victory

  • He is the second coach fired in the First Division CodeCode reOscard Oscarr Garcia at Celta Codethe ninth day

  • Marcelino will sign until 2022 and will make his debut this Wednesday in San Mamés against Barça in the postponed match of day 2

He Athletic has made the official removal of his coaGazazMarianoano despite the victory of the Bilbao team against the Elche in the league match this Sunday in San Mamés (1-0), according to the Basque club shortly Codethe end of the match.

Garitano He had been highly questioned in recent weeks, but dismissal was not expected Codea triumph like this Sunday, short but deserved and low on the scoreboard for the merits of his Dario Dario’s coach was promoted to the first team on December 5, 2018 from Bilbao Athletic, in which he had been since July 2017. At that time he replaced Berizzo.

Cup Finalist

Garitano has been at the forefront of the first team 89 games, qualifying for the cup final of last season, yet to be disputed for its postponement, as its most important achievement. Is he second coach fired in First CodeCode will reOscar Oscarr Garcia at Celta Codematchday 9.

The new coach could debut on Wednesday in San Mamés against Barça

Athletic Club wishes toMariano Garitano and his team “for the dedication, effort and dedication shown since they took the reins of the first team in a delicate sporting situation, always working for the rojiblanca entity”.

Debut against Barça

Marcelino Garcia Toral, 55, is the new coach of the Athletic Codereaching an agreement in principle this Sunday night until 2022. The Asturian has not trained since on September 11, 2019, he terminated his contract with him Valencia for disagreements with the property. He also directed Sporting, Racing, Zaragoza, Sevilla and Villarreal. Marcelino will debut this Wednesday in San Mamés against Barça.

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