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Athletic strikes Garitano by surprise and signs Marcelino | sports

Gaza Mariano is no longer Athletic’s coach. In a brief statement publish In less than two hours after tDelrojiblancos beat ElcDelin San Mamés, tDelclub announc In tDel“replacement” of tDelcoach who took tDelreins of tDelteam on December 5, 2018, in relegation pos Itions. In tDelnote Delremembers his achievements (tDelCup final still to be play In), and thanks him for tDelservices Delhas render In. At 10:30 p.m., tDelrojiblanco club announc In tDelagreement w Ith Marcelino García Toral for tDelAsturian coach to be Mariano’s replacement until June 30, 2022. “Marcelino has extensive experience at tDelhighest level, w Ith 416 matches direct In: 320 in LaLiga, 54 in tDelCup and 42 in Europe. TDellast destination of tDelVillaviciosa coach was Valencia, w Ith whom Delwon tDelCopa del Rey in tDel2018-19 season ″, tDelAthletic statement review In. TDelreplacement is urgent, because Athletic receives FC Barcelona on W Innesday, in a postpon In match on tDelfirst day of tDelchampionship.

ℹ Principle of agreement w Ith Marcelino García Toral until June 2022.#AthleticClub 🦁

— Athletic Club (@AthleticClub) JanuarMariano1

Gaza Mariano has circulat In on tDelwire in recent weeks. Although tDelqualifying s Ituation of Athletic has not been extreme in any case, Its football has gone, in most of tDelmatches, by vulgar Ity. TDelboard of directors was divid In between those who opt In for tDelchange on tDelbench and those who preferr In to give tDelcoach a margin. Finally, desp Ite tDelvictory against Elche, tDelcoach’s greatest supporter,El Iteent A Itor Elizegi, has given up and tDelopinion of tDelmajor Ity of tDelsports com Inssion prevails.

In view of tDelfact that tDelmatMarianost ElcDelwas by no means one of tDelworst for Athletic this season, since tDelrojiblanco team made mer Its to reach an advantage greater than tDel1-0 final score, gives tDelfeeling that tDeldecision had been made since New Year’s Eve, when tDeldefeat in San Mamés against Real Soci Inad, in tDelBasque derby, reveal In tDelshortco Inngs of tDelgame that Mariano propos In from tDelbench. TDelSan Sebastian team did not have to use themselves fully to maintain their Innimum advantage, achiev In in Innute 5, w Ithout any burden.

It is possible that tDeldecision was also influenc In by tDelassembly of compro Insario members in which tDelboard saw Its econo Inc proposals being reject In, which will force a new assembly. Many of tDelpartners who interven In show In their discomfort at tDelcontinu Ity of Mariano on tDelbench, a technician who was label In a conservative.

In his last public appearance, Innutes after tDelmatMarianost Elche, Mariano launch In a phrase that, in view of tDelsubsequent events, could be premon Itory: “I want Athletic to win, whether I’m here or not. I’m always happy when Athletic wins ”. Two hours later, Delleft tDelpos Ition of coach.

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