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Atlético maintains just enough the lead thanks to a draw against Betis

After having been the leader of the table since the first week of November 2020, the Athletic He went out to play in Seville against him Betis with that privilege snatched after Madrid’s victory in the classic. It has reached that point after having squandered an advantage of more than a dozen points until it was reduced to one, the one that maintains it. first after a tight draw against Betis that deserved another goal.

The team of Simeone winning and with the intensity that the occasion required, but with the passage of time the problems arrived: injuries, lack of chances and the push of the rival, a Betis that ended the game being superior to an Atlético who had nothing left to do but defend with pride a point, everything that could get rendered before the inclemencies.

As if driven by the ambition to regain the lost privilege, Simeone’s team came out to the game alert, focused on work and stimulated in attack. And it wasn’t even five minutes until Carrasco, in association with Joao Félix, generated a play that ended in a goal at pleasure after the Correa fight. A relief came with the goal and the rival began to grow.

Betic growth

Betis had started in a daze, without power with the ball and soft in the rear, but they managed to draw quickly, in a solitary play that ended with a shot from Tello in the area. And, with Borja Iglesias injured, Pellegrini invented an attack in which, without the reference of a striker, he did not have much success with Joaquín’s disposition, but his game improved as the minutes passed.

The match became a give and take, with arrivals in both areas. Atlético was somewhat more damaging in each approach and Betis was more fickle, but more dangerous.

After the break he had to go to the bench injured Joao Felix, whose ankle was bent in one blow. In addition to the absence of Luis Suárez, Simeone had to deal with Lemar’s last-minute loss and was seen, with the entire second half ahead, with Correa only to look for the goal, without more healthy attackers. With the Portuguese left the talent of the rojiblanco team, which from then on suffered an alarming lack of initiative in creating the game.

At the same time, the progression of a Betis that accumulated merits to score did not stop, with Fekir increasingly present in the game, Channels with the handle and the Pellegrini equipment installed in the rojiblanco field.

Safe until discount

Beyond game time, with the changes of Simeone, Atlético improved their second half and contained Betis, although they were not capable of doing damage, of intimidating with the ball at their feet. Thus, Atlético saw a quarter of an hour to avoid losing the leadership of the League, without having managed to generate any dangerous action and with some appearance included by cloud to save the tie.

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The last minutes were torture for Atlético, exhausted and locked in their field to avoid conceding a goal. Seeking victory seemed like an unattainable challenge, but he had two great chances strap in the discount that did not materialize in a heroic goal.

Match sheet:



Real Betis: Bravo (7); Emerson (6), Mandi (6), Bartra (5), Álex Moreno (5); Guido (4), Channels (7); Ruival (5), Fekir (7), Tello (7); Joaquin (4); Technical: Manuel Pellegrini (6). Changes: Juanmi (5) by Joaquín (m. 62), Lainez (7) by Ruival (m. 74), Carvalho (sc) by Guido (m. 89).

Atlético de Madrid: Oblak (7); Trippier (5), Savic (6), Giménez (7), Hemoso (5); Saúl (6), Herrera (5), Koke (5), Carrasco (7); Joao Felix (7), Correa (6). Technical: Diego Simeone (6). Changes: Torreira (5) by Joao Félix (m. 47), Vitolo (6) by Herrera (m. 63), Lodi (5) by Hermoso (m. 63), Vrsaljko (sc) by Trippier (m. 77).

Goals: 0-1 (m. 4) Carrasco. 1-1 (m. 19) Tello.

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