Tuesday, September 21

Atlético resurfaces against Elche thanks to goals from Luis Suárez

Among the indisputable favoritism of Athletic, the need to resume their good moment after losing the derby against Madrid and with a penalty penalty three minutes after the VAR threw back, it seemed that Simeone’s men were going to regain the lead with a military walk. It was not like that, the party of the people of Elche was serious and put an Atlético in trouble with a rough game and without imagination. Two goals from Luis Suárez With shots at the first touch, they led the game, but Elche cut the gap and only a grotesque penalty solved the end for Simeone’s men.

Elche is a team of method, which takes its axioms to the extreme, and the first is to play closely together, with very few meters between forwards and defenders, like an impenetrable block. As it is, a violent shot of Llorente from outside the area, in a set piece strategy play, was all that could be thrown into his mouth in the first half hour by an Atlético who did not end up with the pressure before the unwavering attempts of Elche to make plays from his field.

Suárez goals

Although it managed to generate almost nothing more than drowsiness, Atlético took the lead on the way to rest thanks to a good satin lateral center from Trippier Luis Suárez brushed just enough to extend the pass towards the only gap between Édgar Badía and his defense on the way to the goal.

From the goal, Simeone’s team let go, got rid of frustration and Elche’s defensive bellows escaped. A feeling that spread after the break and until it got the second goal, Luis Suárez again, again at the first touch, again inside the area, now after a great pass from Carrasco.

The appearance that the game was sentenced, with hardly any attacks against Oblak, even reached the players of an Atlético who, prey to a defensive relaxation, It was complicated by Elche who took advantage of his first opportunity to give excitement to the last half hour of the game.

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There was time for Joao Fëlix to go limping to the bench, and for him to put replay Diego Costa after a month away, before a grotesque final ruling from the party. It was with an inconceivable penalty for the time of video refereeing, in a dangerous play action by Marcone that, given the repetitions, he barely touched Costa’s hand.


Athletic: Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Hermoso, Lodi; Lemar (Correa, d. 65), Llorente, Koke (Felipe, d. 86), Carrasco (Saúl, d. 62); Joao Félix (Diego Costa, m. 72), Luis Suárez (Kondogbia, m. 73). Technician: Diego Simeone.

Elche: Badía; Barragán, Verdú, John Donald (Sánchez Miño, d. 45), Josema; Josan (Rigoni, d. 45), Fidel, Marcone, Raúl Guti (Nino, d. 80), Morente; Lucas Boyé. Technician: Jorge Almirón.

Goals: 1-0 (m. 40) Luis Suárez after a low lateral center from Tripper. 2-0 (m. 57) Luis Suárez finishes off a pass from Carrasco to the far post. 2-1 (m. 63) Lucas Boyé with a header after the extension of a corner. 3-1 (m. 79) Diego Costa from a penalty.


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