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Atlético’s epic comeback against Osasuna to remain leader

  • Simeone’s team, after a game full of dominance, found themselves losing a quarter of an hour from the end

  • The goals of Lodi and Luis Suárez with three minutes remaining gave the Atléticos an agonizing victory

  • The rojiblancos will be champions of the League if they win in the last match against Valladolid

Among the unpredictability that always adorns football, the Athletic he will win, or not, the League on the last day, but after indecent suffering he will arrive depending on himself. Won against Osasuna with a goal from Luis Suarez three minutes from the end, which prevented Simeone’s men from losing the lead after many months. “They are moments of happiness. I didn’t think you suffered so much at Atlético. We didn’t deserve it, ”the Uruguayan later acknowledged.

Although he had played one of the best games of the season, on countless occasions and with cloud who was a luxury spectator for more than an hour, on the first occasion Osasuna appeared Budimir, a quarter of an hour from the end, to score the first time in Navarre in the Metropolitan.

It was one of those scripts that, if any reader finds it in fiction, they immediately dismiss it as implausible. Atlético came out of the crisis with a desperate and angry offensive, with a goal from I gave it to tie and, almost with the announced discount, the culminating moment.

Simeone had already said it in the previous one: it was Suarez time. And it came, almost to the end and after much suffering, but it came. The Uruguayan freed himself of all the anger that had given him time to accumulate in 87 minutes of missed chances, finished off a lateral center in the area with the little force necessary for him to be unstoppable. “The forward has to live with these situations, but I never lowered my head. If you fight and fight you can achieve the goal. We were calm at the end to take the victory, “said Luis Suárez at the end of the match at Movistar. Of course, Simeone celebrated by sending changes and, after an epic victory, he ran to the locker room because they had not won anything yet.

In any case, Atlético is going to reach the decisive day after transmitting the image of a champion: solid, overwhelming, severe and inflexible, against him. Valladolid. “We have to win the most important game of the season,” said Suárez.

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Aware that it was a final for the League, Atlético tried not to leave room for accidents and exercised tyrannical control over the game, but they did not succeed. The one of the pupils of SimeoneFrom the beginning, it was an orderly and authoritarian charge, which was imposed relentlessly like an avalanche towards the rival area.

He forced the first stop of merit of the osasunista Herrera at ten minutes, by the hand of a Luis Suarez who starred in the best rojiblancas occasions and who was hopelessly desperate when the best he had crashed into the post. A great shot from Osasuna also grazed the goalpost of Osasuna. Saul, almost at halftime, another occasion of a succession that seemed unalterable in the midst of the Atlético’s excess merits to have gone to rest with goals on their scoreboard, almost without being able to believe it, muttering the errors.

On the way to game time, nothing had changed at the Metropolitano: Atlético’s occasions and occasions, but without goals, and with growing frustration. Nor did they help to appease the athletic nerves, first the minutes that the VAR was reviewing a goal by Savic, annulled for offside, and then as much also illegal from Carrasco. It all happened while Madrid scored in Bilbao and Atlético lost the lead for the first time since the ninth league match.

The implacable dominance of Simeone’s men had not ceased at any time, who moved the bench in search of more attack but with what he found, in the first dangerous arrival of Osasuna to the area of cloud, with a goal that, had it been full of public, would have left the stands frozen, unexpected and transcendent.

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He had already done it, but, with the score against and the League almost lost, the team of Simeone she went on the attack in desperation and did not take long to recover from the blow she received. I gave it, in an arrival as if it were Carrasco and an unappealable definition, he still tied with time to regain his hand for the title. And so it was, with a goal from Suarez, after five days without seeing a door, the kind that the team missed.

Match sheet:



Atlético de Madrid: Oblak (7); Trippier (8), Savic (8), Felipe (6), Hermoso (6); Correa (7), Llorente (7), Koke (8), Saúl (7), Carrasco (8); Luis Suarez (9). Technical: Diego Simeone (8). Changes: Lodi (8) for Hermoso (65), Joao Félix (7) for Saúl (65), Herrera (sc) for Llorente (79), Dembélé (sc) for Correa (79), Kondogbia (sc) by Suárez (m. 90).

Osasuna: Herrera (8); Ramalho (6), David García (7), Unai García (6), Juan Cruz (5), Rubén García (6); Kike Barja (5), Moncayola (6), Brasanac (5); Jony (5); Budimir (7). Technical: Jagoba Arrasate (6). Changes: Roberto Torres (6) for Jony (64), Turrón (sc) for Kike Barja (76), Enrique (sc) for Budimir (77), Chimy Ávila (sc) for Brasanac (90) .

Goals: 0-1 (m. 74) Budimir. 1-1 (m. 81) Lodi. 2-1 (m. 87) Luis Suárez.

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