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Atlético’s faith traces the match in discount

A goal by Correa in the 90th minute and another by Hermoso in the 92nd gave Atlético a victory, who saw Valencia take the lead (0-2) in the first half.

Where football does not reach, Athletic faith comes to him. The ‘rojiblancos’ came back from the match in stoppage time in a lackluster clash, with a lot of nerves and some defensive errors that portray the moment of play of both teams. Simeone he was right with the tactical chaos he proposed in the second half Bordalás it cost him dearly to put his team behind with so much game to play.

They were measured in Metropolitan two teams loaded with emergencies. The Athletic, in a state of defensive panic and with self-esteem by the ankles. The Valencia with a monumental casualty list and more uncertainty than faith. That is why the start was the classic of a match between two teams that avoided any approach to their area. But the midfield Bordalás He pressed a lot and that was appreciated by his defensive line, who did not have a job. And in that situation, two arrivals from Valencia ended up burying an Atlético with a glass jaw.

embarrassing defense

The first one against that Guedes changed bands and Muse profitable portraying Vrsaljko with an inside dribble and a shot screwed to the stump of the stick cloud. Jug of water at 24 minutes. But the lethal blow was in the penultimate play of this first half, with a ball that the Atletico defenders were unable to clear up or down. The ball leaked between the two center backs and Hugo Hard scored the second. Two goals that portray soccer players and raise suspicions in a drifting locker room that Simeone unable to redirect. Horrible Atlético, very serious Valencia.

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The second part seemed like a want and I can’t from Atlético, where Simeone looked at the board with different schemes and changes as philip for joao felix. Decision that bitterly whistled the stands, which applauded the Portuguese, which is not that he had made an outstanding game. The minutes passed and Valencia was comfortable against a rival more willful than dangerous. Until a corner was calamitously defended by the Valencianists and cunha he finished off alone in the small area on goal.

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The Valencia He had accumulated too much in his area and athletic faith invited him to think of a miracle more related to attitude than to football. Minutes passed and local anxiety increased. Suarez wasted another opportunity and the athletes converted philip at your best resource above. those of Bordalás they trusted everything to defend and did not generate anything, not even uncertainty. And that pettiness punished him severely with two goals in added time. In the first, a ball in which James did not catch a ball that ended up riveting strap on goal and tied the game. The third, and decisive, a stumbled play in which a bad shot from cunha finished with Handsome riveting to the net. What football did not give him, was given by his will and that impetus that prevents him from giving up. A crazy game that Valencia gave and Atlético took advantage of.


Athletic: Oblak (5); Vrsaljko (3), Giménez (5), Hermoso (5), Lodi (4); Carrasco (7), De Paul (3), Koke (4), Lemar (4); Joao Felix (5), Luis Suarez (3). Coach: Simeone (4). Changes: Correa (6) for Lodi (m.46). Cunha (6) by Lemar (m.57), Felipe (5) by Joao Félix (m.57), Herrera (6) by Vrsaljko (m.60), Serrano by Carrasco (m.95)

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Valencia: James (4); Thierry (5), Alederete (6), Diakhaby (4), Lato (5); Foulquier (6), Carlos Soler (7), Guillamón (8), Musah (7); Guedes (6), Hard (7). Coach: Bordalás (6). Substitutions: Koba (4) for Alderete (m.52), Cristian (5) for Lato (m.70), Vázquez (5) for Thierry (m.71), Maxi (5) for Hugo Duro (m.71) , Racic (sc) by Musah (m.87)

Goals: 0-1, Musa (m.24); 0-2, Hugo Duro (m.44); 1-2, Cunha (m.63); 2-2, Strap (m.90); 3-2, Beautiful (m.92)

Referee: Diaz de Mera. Yellow to Koke, Thierry, Hermoso, Foulquier, Musah, Guillamón, Lato, Luis Suárez, Jaume, Herrera,

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