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Attack on prison in Syria has left more than 100 dead and clashes continue

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 77 members of the Islamic State and 39 Kurdish fighters have been killed.

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Nearly 120 people have been killed during an ongoing attack in the fight for control of a prison in Syria. between US-backed Kurdish-led forces against ISIL (ISIS) fighters.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 77 Islamic State members and 39 Kurdish fighters have been killed, including prison guards, internal security forces and counter-terrorism forces.

After the attack that began on Thursday, andISIL claimed responsibility for the prison break through its media spokesperson on Friday.

A video released on Saturday purported to show gunmen infiltrating a prison and raising the group’s black flag as they stormed Ghwayran jail in the Kurdish-run city of Hasakeh.

For its part, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), led by Kurds, They declared this Sunday that they reinforced the siege of the prison with the help of troops led by the United States, and that 17 of his soldiers died.

The SDF said that the escape was initially foiled and 89 fighters who were nearby were arrested, but later admitted that inmates seized parts of the facility.

In addition, reported recapture of 104 prisoners, but the total number of those who escaped was not specified.

The attackers detonated a car bomb near the gates of the jail, helping dozens of inmates to flee towards the Ghwayran district.

Mazloum Abadi, the main military commander of the SDF, pointed out this Friday that the ISIL he mobilized most of his sleeper cells with the intention of carrying out the breakout.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon confirmed that the anti-ISIL coalition launched airstrikes in support of the SDF to help stop the prison break.

Similarly, the US State Department, issued a statement on Saturday calling for improved safe and humane detention of IS members, including by tightening security at the detention center.

It is not known how many inmates were in the jail. Human Rights Watch estimates that the SDF has detained approximately 12,000 men and boys suspected of being affiliated with ISIL, including between 2,000 and 4,000 foreigners from about 50 countries.

With information from Aljazeera

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