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Attack on Sisters in London Park Was Frantic and Relentless, Trial Said | UK News

Two sisters were killed in a “frenzied and relentless” attack last year before their bodies were hidden in the park’s undergrowth, the trial of a teenager charged with their murders has been recounted.

Opening the case against 19-year-old Danyal Hussein, a prosecutor said that 27-year-old Nicole Smallman and 46-year-old Bibaa Henry were killed in north-west London on a night that was supposed to be a celebration of Henry’s birthday.

Artist's Sketch of the Court of Danyal Hussein
Artist’s sketch of the court of Danyal Hussein. Photograph: Elizabeth Cook / PA

A combination of forensic and CCTV evidence led police to Hussein, Oliver Glasgow QC said at the Old Bailey trial, and his DNA was found on both sisters’ bodies, as well as on a bloodstained knife found nearby. of their bodies in Fryent Country. Park.

If this combination of evidence “was not sufficiently damning,” police had made more discoveries, Glasgow added, saying the defendant had purchased a set of knives that matched the exact brand of the knife that appeared to have been used in the attack. It was also said that he went to the hospital the day after the alleged killings with further cuts on his hand, apparently caused by a knife.

Police subsequently discovered handwritten notes at Hussein’s home address in which he had stated his intention to kill women as part of a sacrifice to secure personal advantage for himself, according to Glasgow.

Hussein “had wanted to kill women and planned to carry out his senseless violence in the days leading up to these killings,” said Glasgow, who said the defendant went to the park to await possible victims.

One of the notes described a deal with a demon to “sacrifice” women for profit, the court was told. The defendant also bought lottery tickets, three of which were folded inside the note, jurors were informed.

Hussein, from Blackheath, southeast London, denies two counts of murder and possession of an offensive weapon. Glasgow said prosecutors anticipated that Hussein is likely to claim that he was attacked by someone who robbed and stabbed him and that he has been the victim of a conspiracy.

The sisters and some friends had gathered in the park on Friday, June 5 last year after selecting the location because the restrictions imposed during the first lockdown meant that the only way to meet as a group was to meet outdoors.

“Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman had so much fun that they decided to stay in the park after their guests had left and the two of them turned on fairy lights, listened to music, and danced – their mutual affection and shared joy in being together is obvious from the photographs and videos that were taken that night, ”Glasgow said at the Old Bailey trial.

“What those images don’t capture is what was going to happen to the two of them once their friends were gone. When they said goodbye to the two sisters, no one could have had any idea that it would be the last time they would see Bibaa Henry or Nicole Smallman again. “

Henry, from Brent, North West London, was a high-level social worker whom her family described as a “passionate advocate for the protection of vulnerable children and families.”

Smallman, from Harrow in North West London, was the youngest of three sisters. She was a photographer and graduated from the University of Westminster.

The trial is expected to last four weeks.

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