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Attention, runners: Huawei’s sports watch drops to 229 euros and bursts the competition with Garmin

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Huawei wants to make things difficult for brands specializing in sports watches, and for this it has put its GT Runner up for sale, which also drops in price at a forced pace.

The problems with Google and Android persist in Huawei, something that already seems insurmountable but that does not affect its other devices, such as smart watches, a firm commitment by the Chinese brand, which has recently renewed its catalog.

One of its most innovative smartwatches is the Huawei Watch GT Runner, which, as its name suggests, is designed for runners, those who use their watch not only to ask for your workouts but to get tips and improvements, and the truth is that it doesalthough right now the most remarkable thing is that its price has fallen to 229 euros.

They are nothing less than 100 euros discount with respect to the initial pricea discount that is not bad at all and that makes it much more attractive than others considered to be the best running watches of 2022, and that there is a lot of competition, especially in models from Garmin or Polar, two specialized brands.

This watch is designed for athletes, especially runners. He has a personal trainer and measures advanced running metrics, in addition to having an exceptional battery.

Above all, it has features that few watches have, especially in sports models, and it is a Incredibly long battery life of up to two weeksa little less if you use GPS intensively but also above what is usual in the sector.

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In addition, it incorporates several additional sensors to measure VO2 Max or SpO2 much more accurately, as well as heart rate while running or at rest, all designed to know exactly how fit you are at home, the recovery times and How much does it cost you to perform at each level?

With all that, The Huawei Watch GT Runner does something that is very worthwhile, and that is to give you advice to improve or design personalized workoutsand that serves to improve your performance, especially if you train alone.

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Its design makes it somewhat thinner and more compact than other similar running watches, such as the Garmin Fenix, which are very cumbersome in all their versions.

As usual, Amazon does not charge shipping costs on orders of more than 29 euros like this, so you do not have to worry about anything other than being at home to receive your purchase, which if you are an Amazon Prime user you will have in just one day.

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