Thursday, January 27

Australia v India: second international T20 – live! | Sport







India has won the draw; they are playing first





Welcome to the SCG for the second T20 International!

Hi. It is the fifth white ball international in ten days among these nations with this, the second T20, a chance for India to take short series in straight sets at the SCG and Kohli’s men did the job in the nation’s capital. on Friday.

The main news from the hosts is that Mitch Starc will not be on the roster tonight. We received word from CA this morning that the head of the left arm has formally left the bubble for compassionate reasons due to a family illness.

It’s also unclear if Aaron Finch will be there to flip the coin. Otherwise, Matt Wade, his backup in the first round, is supposed to take the honors. Alternatively, could this be Steve Smith’s return to the captaincy? That feels unlikely, but not entirely out of the question. We’ll find out in about ten minutes.

As for India, they have been mixed and matched with the red and white ball squads due to their touring game taking place today at Drummoyne. But in terms of player XI, they are unlikely to play too much after the way Yuzvendra Chahal bowled when he came in as a (controversial) concussion surrogate for Ravi Jadeja.

Well, I’ll leave it there for the moment. As usual, keep me company throughout the night in the usual way. Or leave me a version twitter if that’s more your style.

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