Thursday, October 28

Australia v India: Test 2, Day Two – Live! | Sport





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Good morning from Melbourne, news of the appropriate time to anywhere else in the world. If Boxing Day is cricket Christmas, then today is Cricket Christmas Boxing Day, the day after the big event. The 27th, day two. And since many people who celebrate Christmas prefer the day after the big event, too many people who celebrate the Boxing Day Test think that day two is the choice of connoisseurs: it is less hectic, less crowded, more relaxed. In normal years, that is, when crowds can drop from 90,000 to 60,000. But this year, the first day didn’t have the feeling of a crazy carnival due to the limits of the crowd, and it was perfect. Will today be even more perfect?

Perhaps in the field, where at the end of today we will know what we have in the form of a contest. The Australians were eliminated by 195 yesterday. 195! The field had life, bless the work of Matt Page and his team of ground crews. The windows fell regularly. We saw some wonderful bowling. India only lost one wicket at the close, and they currently have a fateful 36 on the board.

So what happens today? Either he hits well enough to outrun Adelaide, or the Aussie-paced attack hits again. Those bowlers looked menacing in the last few outings last night, sure. The series, which is a contest, is based on the present day. Let’s dance, shall we?

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