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Australia v India: Test 3, Day Four – Live! | Sport


Fifty! Labuschagne 50 of 82 balls






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Hello again, this is the fourth day from Sydney, and of a series of tests that seems to have changed a lot yesterday. It was a painful day for Australia’s fast bowlers. They mistreated India on a pitch that was a little difficult to score and had an inconsistent rebound, but it wasn’t very difficult to hit, in theory. On a day when India was in a position to score more and match Australia’s 338, they were eliminated by 244, and it was hostility that did it, as well as alertness on the field. Three runs and two Indian hitters injured by the short ball, it was like a return to the way Australian teams of the past used to make tours of Australia impossible for shocked tourists from the subcontinent.

We resumed today with Australia 197 races ahead, at 103 for 2 in the second inning, with Smith and Labuschagne to resume. It could be a difficult day for India from here. Having Rishabh Pant off the field isn’t the biggest loss, as substitute goalkeeper Wriddiman Saha is generally better with gloves, but fast pitcher Jasprit Bumrah looks a bit sore too, and Ravindra Jadeja was the other short ball victim. yesterday and can’t bowling with a broken left thumb. Can the others join?


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