Saturday, April 1

Autherine Lucy Foster’s life marked courage and wisdom

Autherine Lucy Foster’s last public comments, given Feb. 25 during the dedication of Autherine Lucy Hall on the campus of the University of Alabama, emphasized love.

Foster’s words resonated with UA President Stuart Bell, who spoke Thursday outside the building that now bears her name.

“Her focus was to charge us to love one another. While that sounds a little bit simple, I think coming from someone who lived a life like she did it’s wisdom we shouldn’t ignore or brush over,” Bell said.

Foster died Wednesday at the age of 92. 

University of Alabama Graduate Student Association President Quinvarlio Kelly Jr. reacts to the death of University of Alabama racial pioneer Autherine Lucy Foster outside the building that now bears her name on March 2, 2022.

“We are saddened for her and her family, but the wonderful honor and opportunity we all had to spend those few hours with her last Friday and the boldness that she spoke with to our students and to this community, and, quite frankly, to this nation about what her life was about and looking forward to the path we should all be following, it certainly inspires me, but it takes a little bit of the sadness away,” Bell said. 

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